Sunday, April 15, 2007

She says she's leaving on a Sunday.

The weather yesterday ruled. I traipsed around the city doing errands, relaxing, breathing in brisk air. Came home and watched a totally crap movie I kind of love...boggled Erica's mind when I admitted Keanu Reeves is kinda attractive. It was a very special episode of The Casey & Mom Show.

Erica and I then took a long walk around Brooklyn. Followed it with couch and wine and beerz. Shia L. on SNL did the Curbside sign. What?!

Erica and I have been talking about tattoos since last summer. I think she's ready for hers! I' I'm too indecisive to commit right now.

Today's storm woke me up gently with thunder, but I couldn't cancel on coffee with my friend Bryan that I haven't seen since October. Good talks, came home drenched.

Spring cleaning! Totally forgot about some awesome clothes I own. Stoked for summer!!

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