Sunday, April 1, 2007


He took me by the hand and told me he'd take me to Philadelphia because I'd never been.

Saturday brunched in New York. Rented a car. New Jersey is such a bad idea. Arrival. Like New York with more space. And green. And less smells.

Walk about. Fake meat cheesesteaks. This boy and sneakers and hoodies...addiction. Exhaustion. Respite. Out again to drink Philly style with his (awesome) friends. Eva & Jessie & Clem & Joe & Marcos & Leigh. Car bombs. Bar fight. Next bar. Collegeville street ugh. Must pee.

Last call! Wait, but it's only 2 am?

How many Kevin Costner movies shall we watch? Grilled cheese room service. Is it 5 am or 6 am?

Sunday check out. Let's stay asleep. Wishes. Trudged to brunch. French toast to the face. Philadelphia Museum of Art. Mutters Museum of gross anatomy. Conserved body parts in jars. Skeletons. Disease frozen in time. Barfsville, USA.

Hey, let's go eat! Sadness - his favorite restaurant shut down. The reason for the trip...dead. Worn and in need of rest. Found mediocre mac n cheese. Movie. Back on the road, where I sit now with him & nofx.

Success. Amazing. Happy.

Ps toygers exist and I want at least five.

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