Thursday, October 30, 2008

Climbin' up the walls, anytime we want!

There are quite a few things I'm digging right now. I thought I'd compile a list, in case any of these would bring you equal joy.

GOODREADS.COM. I am newly obsessed with this website, which allows me to catalog everything I've ever read, everything I am currently reading, and everything I want to read. (Friend me!) I star each book I've read, plan on writing short reviews, and date when I read them (I added Sarah Plain & Tall yesterday, which I read in 4th? 5th grade??). I also totally forget books that I want to read when I don't write them down, and now I have a lovely database which tells me which I'd like to read! My "currently reading" list comes with an area to put in what page I'm on and a little comment - which keeps Sean updated on the book he gave me for my birthday! That brings us to...

A GAME OF THRONES. (by George R. R. Martin) Okay, we all know I get kinda nerdy and obsessive about certain things (kittens, comic books) and Sean just totally decided to up the anty with an epic fantasy novel that's 864 pages long and has four equally long sequels. GREAT. But it is! It's so great. As soon as I saw that book it admittedly reminded me of all the sci-fi/fantasy books my father has, and on the phone the other day, he confirmed he'd read the whole series. Ha. The best thing about this book, though, is the writing. It's been a long time since I've read a novel where practically every sentence is crucial and telling shades more than just it's literal sense. Unlike, say, Twilight, where I could skim and still understand what was going on, I can't skip a sentence of A Game of Thrones. Yeah, 864 jam-packed, no-skipping pages. OOF. But, I'm excited to continue and finish it and get on to the next one!

NEW MOON. (by Stephenie Meyer) So, I still liked Twilight, and I do enjoy quick reads - which is why I'm reading the sequel as kind of a little light reading when my brain needs a rest from Game of Thrones. Also, I'd like to thank Katie Brown for this persisting obsession with Edward and the characters of Forks - she messengered me the book at work, complete with a Twilight bookmark and an album she considers to be her own soundtrack to the story. LOVE IT. So, I started reading it last night! Thank you, KB!

DELICIOUS LIBRARY 2. While on a rant about my love for, I lamented to my friend Rick that there should be such a site for DVDs, so I could catalog my own collection and affix notes/reviews and mark which ones were being borrowed. Not five minutes later I got an email to download the Delicious Library 2 application, a belated birthday gift from Rick. The program is AWESOME. It has little virtual shelves for all my DVDs (and others for books, video games, toys, CLOTHES too!), which I can star, order in a certain way (like by genre!), mark if it's being borrowed and by whom, and THE BEST PART: I can scan in all the DVDs VIA MY WEBCAM. UPC BARCODE STYLE. YEAH. Your mind is blown isn't it? I scanned in our entire collection this past weekend, and I'm not lying when I say that Jesse and Erica had a lot of fun watching me do it. It's $40, but it's so worth it when you have a library of DVDs (and/or books, video games, etc.) - download it here! Thank you Rick!!!

COMMENT REDESIGN. (Nerd. Alert.) Okay, blogger/blogspot is one of the most archaic blogging platforms around (it's like Tumblr's Civil War-era Great- Great- Grandfather) and there was always two choices of leaving a comment - with a pop-up window (me) and by going to a whole other "comment" page without the actual post. And NOW there's an option to have the comment box embedded below the post! So, you don't have a pop-up window and you don't have to go to a whole other page. YES. I really geeked out about this when it magically happened on somebody else's blogspot.

HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 3. By now you should know I love teen stuff. Erica, Kells, and I have been fans of the HSM series for a while now. Which is why we had to go see this theater-released sequel together on Monday night. Let me just tell you, it's the best one. It's full of up-close Efron goodness (there's def something sexy about a guy who can dance). It's SO CHEESE, but kind of like delicious cheese you can't get enough of. And it's a musical! I love musicals, always have. From Grease to West Side Story to Phantom of the Opera to Moulin Rouge (my personal favourite), I love musicals and their soundtracks. Sometimes I just need to take in an all-teen, all-fun, nothing-depressing-here, full-of-songs musical. What can I say? I love it and we completely, totally, and without a doubt geeked out. I kinda wanna see it again, just sayin'. I have no shame!

SEVENTEEN AGAIN. This kid is doing something right! Zac Efron's latest movie is basically a Freaky Friday-ish rehash that costars Matthew Perry (aka Ms. Chanandler Bong). I'm obviously going to see it when it comes out next year, and the trailer ALSO stars a certain song by a certain Fianz's band - "This is For Real" by Motion City Soundtrack. YES!

There you have it! My current dig-o-digs! Friend me on Goodreads, tell me I'm a giant NERD, admit Efron is a damn good-looking bloke, and try out 'em comments. HA. Jk. You don't have to do any of that. Kinda.

[PS Jesse overnighted some costumes for us. Pictures ensue tomorrow...mwahahaha!]


  1. i need the HSM3 soundtrack. and Ryan Adams, please update my ipod when i get home. also halloween playlist making tonight?

    tags: obsessed with commenting your blog this week, this is not a tag, internet lolz that are only funny to us, efron's sweaty back, ketchup mustard and relish

  2. dagger - done and done. AND yes, let's do that. but know that i don't have any halloween-themed songs. WAIT. i DO HAVE HALLOWEENHEAD. which, really, should be played about 20 times tomorrow night.

    tag: i love ur tags, plz not to just this week

  3. okay... fine. i'll join goodreads, even though i just finished joining shelfari which i believe is ostensibly the exact same thing....

  4. I'm gonna stick to shelfari, I'm using it to keep track of how many books I've read this year. I'm at fifty-something right now, I think.

    Need to sort out this comment format for MY blog too, I sooooo prefer it!

  5. i don't reallyl have anything to say. i just wanted to see the comment box at the bottom of the post.... NEAT ! :) xx

  6. I can't say I'm down on the Efron love, I'm on "Team Lucas Grabeel is Super Hot" instead. I have no shame in liking HSM!

  7. OOOH I love you, i love goodreads, thanks for showing me the site! will friend you

  8. Your blog has officially become my source for new epically (is that even a word?) awesome and nerdy things. I hope you know I mean that in a great way, because I too am a tad nerdish (again, word?). I'm also really happy to see that you are enjoying the Twilight series, I blazed through it so quick I've been in withdrawals waiting for the movie to come out. I guess I should check out this HSM business one day too. It seems to be kind of a big deal!

  9. OMG you. are. amazing. i used to have a handwritten book list in like 5th or 6th grade and i don't have it anymore! def. joining this NOW!

    also, wedding details update? email me!

    oh, and? i have a RIDICULOUS halloween costume for tonight, i can't wait to wear it!

  10. oh and about the commenting?! i havent been commenting as much on ur bloggy bc it would take so long to load the comment screen, which is why i am LOVING this new option!

  11. keller - oooh, i hate when sites are similar and i figure out people are on another one. you don't HAVE to join goodreads :)

    paula - woo! yeah, do it!

    erin - hahaha, experiment away!

    mich - yeah! hsm love!

    chele - yay! we're friends on it now!

    jen - "epically" is totally a word, and if it isn't, it should be! glad you find things here!

    sabrina - join it and friend me! there's not much to update wedding-wise, we're just working on our save-the-dates! can't wait to see your halloween costume!


    For organizing your DVD's online, if you'd like. Thanks for the goodreads rec. I love it!

  13. i saw the trailer with the mcs song in it. the movie looks pretty awful, but good for the boys for landing it! it can do nothing but help them out! now all of the obsessed teens will walk away with a love for them!

    also, new moon? hoorah for you continuing the series! that book is the lamest, in my humble opinion--but stick with it! it sort of (?) gets better? haha.

  14. WHOA.

    that goodreads site is glorious. i totally registered and friended you.

  15. I looove goodreads too! I can keep track of what I read and what I want to read. I also discuss some things in books whenever I'm stuck with something.. I wrote a post about it too..

  16. jessica - ooh! nice!

    lindsay - i'm about 150 pages in, and i'm so sick of the paragraphs upon paragraphs of bella moping and whining - yeah it sucks that edward has left, but must you detail every night he's gone? (minus the pages that demarked a month! ha)

    amanda jo - yay!

    alya - friend me on goodreads!