Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Black cats and falling trees.

It's Halloween again! Jesse, Erica, and I were pretty excited to get working on costumes last week, until we realized we hadn't heard of any parties going on. And Halloween is on a FRIDAY this year! We kept our ears to the ground, asked around, and still came up with nothing. So, typical 410-style, we are throwing our own party, at our place! (With a relatively strict guestlist & definitely strict costume requirement, obvs!)

Of course, I still don't know what I'm going to be. Last year I was gmail (nerd-style), during college I was usually Gwen Stefani, and most of my childhood I was a cat (because who would have though I loved them that much??). We were going to go as characters from that fabulous game CLUE, but scrapped it. Today I've been considering "couples costumes" for Jesse and me, but I'm unaware of any that aren't completely cheesy and/or creepy in a bad way. Except for bacon & eggs, but I have two days, people - two days!

I kind of want to be a superhero or comic book character, and am strongly considering Rorscharch from Watchmen - essentially all I need is a trenchcoat and a ski mask, but it might get hot wearing a ski mask all night.

The other day I caught myself in the mirror and sighed begrudgingly at a usual sight: my hair. Huge and untamed when I don't blowdry it, my hair is cause of many woeful sighs. But perhaps on Halloween I could use this to my advantage! There have been a few times people (usually parents) have said that I remind them of Anne Hathaway in The Devil Wears Prada and even The Princess Diaries. To which I always respond, "Yeah, before the makeover, I know." I think one parent even said, "You look just like Anne Hathaway - before she became a fashionista!" Awesome.

I told this to Erica, and we joked about how I have Pre-Makeover Hair. Solidified by the fact that my mother, one morning right after I woke up, said, "Good morning! You look like Ugly Betty!" Thanks. I was rightfully horrified, but my mom assured me she meant it as a compliment, because she thinks the world of America Ferrera. Sigh.

THUS! I'm either going as Princess Diaries Anne Hathaway or Ugly Betty! ...Or not, my mind could completely change. But for now, that's what I've got.


  1. I'f your looking for an easy couple's costume... go as each other! :]

  2. I vote for the anne hathaway look.

    I'm going as a 50's girl with the poodle skirt and what-not! Have a great time with your party!!

  3. It took me FOREVER to come up with a costume. I went through the superhero/cat thing BUT then I was shopping at H&M and found this ridiclously 80s looking dress AND hot pink heels. Thus I am going as an 80's prom queen like Carrie (from the Stephen King novel)minus the blood.

    Teasing my hair will be fun. Also, I agree. Couples costumes are generally cheesy.

  4. We have no parties this halloween either :( Jeff's work has a costume contest and he's going as Bob Dylan -- no I don't know why and no he doesn't look anything like him. Anyways, I like couples costume ideas, and there are so many out there!!! Couple from Mad Men maybe? (I don't watch the show but it seems you do!!!) Jack/Sawyer and Kate from Lost?

  5. Oh my gosh, please go as Ugly Betty! The clothing would be amazing!

  6. can you do an "if they mated" on those two? it's going to look exactly like you.

    wait what if OUR HAIR mated? you and i. ohman.

    also if all else fails, you can be a ghost with me. a pre-makeover ghost.

    wow i'm commenting you a lot lately. wow i'm having a lengthy conversation in this comment box. wow.

    tags: this is what we do, pre-makeover ghost story, seriously she's still talking, what, so not anon

  7. I dig anne...just cause i love her so much. then maybe jesse could be your prince? haha...barf.

  8. You and Jesse should go as bacon and eggs!! Because you know who ELSE went as bacon and eggs??? Gwen and Gavin. Yep it's fate.

  9. I hope that either of those options come with before and after pictures!

  10. rialeilani - we'll see what happens!

    sonya ina - that is SUCH a good idea! :)

    amber - ah, the 50's! sockhopping love <3

    liz - eep, we went with a couples costume, but i think it's hilarious, given our personalities. you'll see!

    emily - lol @ bob dylan. there was that movie where a black kid played him, though. just sayin' :) oh and for kate, i'd just need a strappy tank, some cargo pants, boots and windswept/salty oceaned hair! yes! haha

    jamie - i know! the clothing is SO tempting! just mismatch patterns!!!

    dagger - please tag all your comments henceforth, fanx.

    jiscilla - hahahaha

    kristen - we just might! esp bc of GWEN AND GAVIN! HAHAHA

    kyla bea - oh, there will be pics!

    sabrina - we'll see!

  11. One more vote for Ann Hathaway, I lurve her!