Wednesday, October 1, 2008

My Top Artists this Week (Sep 22 - Sep 28)

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She & Him reign supreme once again! They did have some stiff competition with the new Kings of Leon album, which, by the way, is pretty awesome.

I've been in love with a lot of female-fronted bands lately, and I decided to make a love mix for the Fianz with a female-voiced theme. In the past, I've always run into trouble making sweet love mixes because sometimes a dude singing to or about a girl just isn't what I'm trying to get across to my own dude. Also, a lot of female-voiced love songs are just straight cheesy. So I assigned myself to make a mix of female-voiced awesome songs that weren't cheesy. And by this point, I've already used my go-to girl love song anthems in previous mixes for him. Thus, I listened to a lot of woman-fronted music last week, and a lot of it new. But not all those artists made the cut. Sometimes when I make mixes, I have to listen to the "nominees" like 20 times before I decide if they're worthy or fit - or not. And all apologies, but I can't very well share my awesome little love mix with anybody but the Fianz. :)

But! I wrote that whole long paragraph with a point: if anybody has any rockin', non-cheesy, fem-vocaled music they think I'd like, make your recommendation!

And finally, I can't believe it's been nearly a year, but Motion City Soundtrack have been nominated for a Best Video Woodie Award for "It Had to Be You!" You can vote as many times as you want! So, please, please, please, please vote! I'm probably going to get PESKY with this, just saying. Also, it gives me the perfect excuse to repost this screencap of the Fianz from the video, which I still love to death:



  1. Don't forget Damone!

  2. jessica - i just added a sentence about how i can't use songs i've previously put on mixes for him, and yup, i've used damone before :) LOVE DAMONE.

  3. scanning my ipod...

    the dial
    a fine frenzy
    regina spektor
    rocking horse winner
    the sounds
    ting tings
    zolof the rock and roll destroyer

    hope that helps!

  4. Oh, and if I may add a recommendation, check out Pretty Girls Make Graves.

  5. sarah - thanks! i've used a few of those bands in previous mixes for him...and he for me, ha. i'll def check out the ones i haven't listened to before!

    rialeilani - thanks!!!! :D

  6. jessica - nice! will check out! def heard of them before.

  7. Emily Haines
    Cat Power
    Serena Ryder

  8. The Dollyrots
    Letters To Cleo
    Lily Allen
    Avril Lavigne (under my skin album is a guilty pleasure)
    Bif Naked
    Fiona Apple
    Save Ferris
    The Sounds
    Dance Hall Crashers
    4 non blondes (YES!)

    but I am sure you already know of most of these bands/artists :)

  9. the pipettes
    kate nash
    lilly allen
    meg & dia
    rilo kiley
    rainer maria
    maria taylor

    to name a few

  10. hillary - thanks for the suggestions! cat power has been in the running on several mixes, but she never makes the cut. hm.

    beth - thanks!! okay, also, thank you for pointing out avril lavigne because she is SUCH my guilty pleasure...but i think jesse might reconsider our relationship if i gave him a mix with avril on it. :) a bif naked song almost made it, and i totally need to get some 4 non blondes on my ipod! STAT!

    kristen - obvs!!! hearts <3

    liz - thanks! one of those bands made the cut on the latest mix ;) and jesse actually introduced me to maria taylor. great suggestions!

  11. I gotta say, I can rock out to "Don't Tell Me" by Avril at any given second...I get teased about it a lot. I'm gonna look at my iPod now and see if I have any female fronted bands.

  12. Ok most of the stuff I have, people already mentioned (way to go with the DHC Beth!), but here's some other stuff that I have, but it might just be for my nerdy tastes:

    -The Cardigans
    -The Epoxies
    -The Bird and The Bee
    -Freezepop (They do a lot of videogame songs so they might not work, I'm actually betting they won't haha.

    And on the mellower side:

    -St. Vincent - Recommended to me by Sara Quin that night I had a drink with her at Barcelona.

  13. Pretty Girls are awesome. You should check out their new project with the dudes from the Blood Brothers too called Jaguar Love.

    Also check out Amon Amarth. They think they are vikings and their songs are all about Norse gods. Totally up your alley!

  14. Oh, Tsunami Bomb, forgot them. Agent M was kinda dreamy...

  15. Adam, are you going to the Minus The Bear show next month?

  16. liz - woo!!!

    adam - love love love cardigans, stars, metric annnnd freezepop! will check out the rest - thanks!

    jonah - thanks, dude. vikings. nice.

  17. cannot stop listening to the new KoL!!

  18. allthewine - yes! the new KoL has been on repeat...smash hit.

  19. Jonah, yes I am. I try never to miss any of their shows. you gonna be there?

  20. Totally. I think we should use Jessica's blog as our main means of communication. Have you read any of Warren Ellis' Transmetropolitan?

  21. Ok, we shall only communicate through the Parker blog. I read Transmet here and there, he had one of my friends drawn on one of the trade covers due to a funny story, and my friend inked most of the series. I have original uncolored pages here and there in my room still just lying around taking space haha.