Friday, October 3, 2008

I shook the evil from the cave in my mind.

I should have a pretty epic post coming up later, but for now I'll tell you what my weekend plans consist of.

Tonight = laundry, cleaning, napping, couch-time.

Tomorrow = Sean's getting his wisdom teeth out, and I volunteered to be the most awesomest friend that would guide him home (the futon in my living room) for a lovely day of rest (Pushing Daisies blu-ray marathon)!

Sunday = FOOTBALL. Wait, wait, wait...there's something else...OH RIGHT! Jesse flies home, Jesse flies home, Jesse flies home!!! And then football. We all have Patriots jerseys now, just saying. We're suiting up.

On a random note, I am loving the first season of How I Met Your Mother! But not enjoying Heroes or Grey's Anatomy. Also, about once a week I think about how much I wish Veronica Mars was still on the air. See? Random.

Enjoy your weekends! I need to finish up some work and get OUT of here!


  1. have fun this weekend!!!

    i watched greys for a while, but it got to whiny so i stopped. too bad, it was a good show.

  2. you're not liking Heroes? hmmm.

    Guess what? On top of all this sugery...i got a bitching cold that fully kicked in this morning! YES! AWESOME!

    Thanks again though seriously, i am going to be a mess tomorrow.

    I love Veronica Mars like she was a real person that I fell in love with only to have our relationship ended by something out of either of our control leaving me doomed to love her endlessly while my heart pines for it's one true love.

  3. It does not help that I see promos for that cop show starring Daddy Mars ALL the time. *sigh* I miss you, VMars.

  4. I'm dying my hair purple tonight.

    Not all of it, of course. I'm not THAT brave. Also, I work at a bank...not too sure they'd be into it.

    Sunday sounds like a WIN! I can totally imagine you jumping in circles with the 'jesse flies home', lol.

    <3 fun fun.

  5. Hey jocks, what are you doing AFTER the game?

  6. veronica mars needs to come back now!

  7. Are we sure that Sean can afford to lose any wisdom at this point?

  8. RIP veronica mars. You will always hold a place in my tv heart

  9. sarah - thanks! oh man, grey's is on full throttle right now with all the whining.

    sean - fun weekend with you!

    mich - aw! daddy mars! how i miss him!!

    amanda jo - oooh! sounds awesome! i wanna see pics!

    jonah - well, we didn't hang with you. after the patriots game, we watched the red sox game. obvs. and that lasted til 1am...

    dan - indeed!

    jonah - har har har, sean found that funny :)

    ginny - for reals. <3