Monday, November 3, 2008

My Top Artists this Week (Oct 27 - Nov 2)

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Wow, my weekly listening has been pretty stagnant lately, huh? Well, the reason is two-fold: first of all, I'm obsessed with Ryan Adams & The Cardinals' Cardinology and nothing else is quite fitting my mood - except for the soundtrack to High School Musical 3, which, oddly (and perhaps even fortunately) did not scrobble from my iPod. (I have a fear Efron may have overtaken DR Adams this week...). And second of all, my quality listening time has been cut short due to the fabulous book I'm reading every morning and evening commute instead of listening to my iPod. I haven't even listened to three weeks' worth of the podcast This American Life because of my need to read. (WOW, that may have been the nerdiest sentence-ending I've ever written.)

In related news, thanks for friending my on! :)


So, to the weekend festivities! Our impromptu Halloween Party was a hit! Nearly all of our friends showed up, and it was quite the costumed affair. Since Jiscilla (our resident paparazzo) was MIA, I took to the picture-taking and made sure I got all the costumes photographed! You can check them out on my Facebook album's public link HERE!

I wish I could post them all here, because nearly everybody turned out costumed and everybody who came is AWESOME. If any of you are reading, thanks for making the party! And everybody can see the pics on that Facebook link. Here's a choice few:

Kells, Gaby, and Erica were a trio of ghosts!

Arguably the best group costume: the cast of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia! Seriously, amazing. And, yes, they tried getting a Green Man costume, but it was sold out far in advance! (from L to R: Jim, Jimmy, Tyler, Nick, Ali, Justin, and Ben!)

Mike (as Dr. House!) and Ashli (as a unicorn) taste the jello brains that Jesse made. As you can see, he was quite proud of his party-hard concoction.

Check out the rest of my amazing friends and their costumes in the album!

On Saturday, us tennants of 410 mainly cleaned the joint, which actually wasn't too bad. Then we watched a lot of movies and ended up trying out some new board games...including one called PARTINI - you've seen the commercials, I'm sure!

On Sunday, Jesse and I went to see Zack and Miri Make a Porno, and it was definitely a return to comedy for Kevin Smith - who did NOT make a cameo! Weird. Anyway, it was highly enjoyable, though, you know, risque and with plenty of curse words. I'd say the entire rainbow of curse words. But this somehow added to it's hilarity. Also, I've always kind of loved Elizabeth Banks since her turn in Wet, Hot American Summer.

We returned for the Patriots v. Colts game, along with Sean, Jim, Tyler, and Sam. Unfortunately, the Patriots lost, but we lifted our spirits with some PARTINI! Jesse describes it as a mix of: Cranium, Name that Song, Flip Cup, Charades and Beer Pong. In one word? FUN. And our newest players enjoyed it as well, because we played three games, staying up until 130am. I will also just add that we rotated teams, and I was on all three teams that won. Yes, if you ever decide to play, you should always ask me to be on your team.

Also, please don't forget (really, how could you?!) - VOTE TOMORROW! I can't wait!


  1. Love the costumes!! Looks like fun was had by all.

  2. I just went WOW!! think I just developed a small crush on your friend in the green jacket, Jimmy, one of the cast ensemble. Very very cute.

    dammit for living in Asia...!!!

  3. I came upon your blog through Beth's and just had to comment because you seem just as obsessed with Ryan Adams as I am. :) I hate to admit that his past two albums have left me a little disappointed, but I think the new one is definitely better than the last. I saw him last month and it was one of the best shows of his I've seen! :) (I was so excited whenever he played one of my favorite songs that I sat there with my cell phone videotaping the whole thing instead of really paying attention, but now I have a ton of (crappy quality) videos from the show that I posted on my blog a few weeks ago...)

  4. amber - fun WAS had!

    chele - oh, girl, i could totally see you crushing on jimmy. you and one of my friends have very similar taste ;)

    heder - welcome! gah! i wish i could have seen him on this last tour! i saw him twice last year! which is your favourite song - that you recorded?? i heard him sing "dear chicago" two years ago and i melted. i can't even pick a favourite though! so many!