Friday, October 31, 2008

Welcome to my Pre-Makeover Hair.

Jesse ordered us a Bacon & Eggs set of costumes (me = eggs, obvs) and it didn't arrive in time. So Anne Hathaway it is! And you can see my un-blowdried hair in all its glory.

And Keanu helped get me ready, of course. Party ensues in half an hour!


  1. I think that I probably love you now, just for the fangirly-ness that The Format brought out in you. And the fact that you make Anne Hawthaway pre-makeover look so cute!

  2. you are perfect as anne hathaway in the princess diaries. hope you had a wonderful time!!! :)

  3. You're dressing as Anne Hathaway??? Are you trying to give me a heart attack???

  4. My hair is the same when it's not blow dried or has zero product. I completely understand.

  5. Awesome costume idea! Keanu seems to approve.

  6. lol you totally look like her... cute

  7. angela - ha! thanks! yeah, the format is serious, serious love!

    rialeilani - thanks, girl!

    phil - hahaha! pre-makeover, though - PRE! :)

    jessica - ah, the tragedy that is our hair!

    ginny - keanu loved it! thanks!

    far - thank you!