Wednesday, November 26, 2008

One - more thing before I go.

There's one hour and fifteen minutes until I'm out of here! It's obviously one of the slowest days of the year at work, as about 3/4 of everyone already took today off anyway.

In one hour and fifteen minutes I'll be heading home to Jesse, packing up our rental car, grabbing Keanu in all his mew-cuteness and getting on the road towards central Massachusetts! I'm excited to spend a long four and a half day weekend with my family in the "countryside." Okay, it's not the country, but they only have like four neighbors.

It will also be Jesse's first Thanksgiving with my family, which entails a trip to New Hampshire on Thursday for a large (100+??) family reunion. I've always found it a rather tortuous event (especially senior year of high school and senior year of college - how many questions regarding my future can I answer?!), but Jesse is optimistic. It's my first time bringing someone to the annual event - even that dude I dated for five years never came - and my parents decided he should, since we're all "getting married" and whatnot. Plus, last year I managed to weasle out of it.

The days off will probably also be filled with yummy homecooked meals, movies, a haircut for me (woo! non-city prices!), and good cheer!

Is everyone excited for the long weekend? What are you doing?! I hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. I am driving four hours to go to my mom and dad’s house. Thanksgiving Day we will be at my aunt and uncle’s then I have the rest of the weekend with my parents. I am excited for the stuffing and relish tray. Yum!

    I hope that you have an awesome Thanksgiving!

  2. sounds great.
    I wont be doing much. I usually have a dinner with my American friends here in Bkk but thats about it.
    have a great time

  3. have a great time! a 100+ people would intimidate me. you and jesse will get through it though :)

    happy turkey day!

  4. have fun! family gatherings are usually fun in a ridiculous sort of way.

    good luck to jesse!

    i am going home to all the crazy italian relatives. it should be entertaining. they always get annoyed at my vegetarianism though. i'm excited for pie!

    happy thanksgiving & have a great weekend at home!

  5. Having Jeff around is the only way I get through those things. Leaning on him, whispering in his ear, "I like you so much more than all of these people."

    Sad but true! :P Have fun, drive safe.

  6. Have a great thanksgiving with the fianz and fam. I'll be entertaining the fam drinking alot and trying not to go crazy. Why do they holidays have to be so stressful??

  7. Who's staying home to feed eko? she need a babysitter? haha

  8. When do you losers get back? Want to hang out Sunday night?

  9. I'm in western Mass too. Sticks sticks and more sticks, horse, giant house, more sticks.

    Hope you have a good thanksgiving!

  10. amber - you too! sounds like you'll have a great family time.

    chele - thanks, girl! i'm having a blast so far.

    maria - thanksgiving was smaller this year, and therefore, way better! kinda. but we survived :)

    liz - ah, jesse has known your pain as a veggie on t-day. however, he has since converted, so he won't have to face the gauntlet at the family reunion this year!

    emily - haha, totally get it.

    kristen - thanks! i know, right?! hope you have a great one!

    el adam - we will keep you in mind for the future! eko is with erica!

    jonah - we probably don't want to hang out with you.

    ginny - lots of sticks, it's true! hope you have a great one too!