Monday, November 17, 2008

I was out shopping for a doll.

Everything is exhausting me lately. To include my own brain and the words that sometimes tumble out of my mouth. I want to either curl up and hibernate or go on vacation. I'm excited for Thanksgiving - I can't wait to hang out with my family and hopefully get a respite from all the "to do's" clouding up my mind. I feel like I'm tip-toeing everywhere, because I'm afraid to be called out again (and again and again) for things that aren't premeditated. They just happen, and I'm trying so hard. I am happy - just exhausted.


  1. aww sweetie, you need some good r&r..light some scented candles and put o music for starters. always has a calming effect.

    love that umbrella photo, I love it!!

  2. I was just about to email you saying my life has no direction without a new post from you. Thank you for saving me. I think I shall post an umbrella photo as well. woot.

  3. I'm exhausted too. Really, really exhausted. And not in a "wow, I've done so much incredible stuff!" type of way.

  4. i think everyone should hibernate through winter.

  5. aww. :(

    i agree that hibernating through winter would be splendid. but yay thanksgiving and my birthday and christmas time! have fun with the familia. xoxo

  6. chele - yeah, that'd be nice. :)

    el adam - i don't think you did! did you?

    nicole antoinette - exactly. i'm just trying to catch up. and not step on anybody's toes.

    liz - it's a sound idea.

    amanda jo - yay for holidays. it's true :) happy soon birthday!

  7. I hate that feeling - it usually takes me a couple of weeks at a low activity level to recoup from them while working full time, but it is possible! = )

    And if any of this is wedding related, my advice is to clam up some. I found that when we were planning the wedding, when we gave everyone a lot of information about our ideas as we were tossing them around that was always where we had family conflicts.

    Being able to say "XYZ is happening" and then just leave that and let them get used to it can be a really good thing when you need peace, even if it seems exclusive.

  8. yes, you need some family rest time.

    I've been having this feeling lately where I all of a sudden stop what I am doing (usually something ridiculously stressful for work) and just think "... why am I not curled up on a couch right now? things could be so much simpler."

    anyways, you sound weary and I hope you can recharge soon :)

  9. kyla bea - thank you for your sound advice. it doesn't really have to do with the wedding, just the amount of things clouding up my brain. :)

    bethis - ah! that totally happens to me all the time - i just want to rest, rest, rest and i never feel like i catch up. oh well. thanks, woman.