Saturday, September 20, 2008

A quick recap of last night.

Basically --

Santogold disappointed. The sound was less-than-stellar. As in, I could hear the conversations over the music. Fail.

Perry and I went ready to dance. We didn't. Fail.

Keller and I had a totally nerdy moment in a Walgreen's. Perry captured us being dorks. Slight coolness fail.

We made it to Le Royale just in time for Dragonette. AMAZING. Seriously, they're a lot of fun live. And Martina's brazen-ness also has a Peaches quality to it - but not raunchy and not electroclash. Hard to explain. Literally, I just tried verbally explaining it to Erica to no avail. They both have this strutty confidence. I love that in female vocalists during live shows. Everybody is dancing and jumping around and Martina was looking at us like, "yeah, I know you like it," but at the same time totally gracious that we were... I will stop. I can't even TRY to explain this. I fail, Dragonette WINS ALWAYS.

(Martina on Thursday night via here)

Then I dance, dance, danced in my electro-blue tights and headed home.

Today was slightly productive: I did a lot of ironing and cleaning. How boring! But remember, tomorrow = football. Until then...


  1. So jealous you got to see Dragonette live . . . TWICE!!! :(

    Ps love the blue tights though! :)

  2. I'm pretty bummed about Santogold- but now I'll definitely have to check out Dragonette. And the blue tights were amazing!

  3. paula - thanks! yeah, dragonette are just amazing live! i think they come back to the UK soon...

    sandy - yay! check them out! oct 14th! there will obvs be a reminder here on le blog. thank you re: the tights. :)