Thursday, November 13, 2008

Let's fight crime with mangos and limes!


But, let me start from the beginning --

I met up with Jesse right after work at the hotel Justin was staying. The three of us, plus Justin's date, Bree, Doug (one of their managers), and Tammy (from Epitaph) piled into a van and headed to an MTVu meet-n-greet. The brief fan interaction last about fifteen minutes and then we headed to the awards at Roseland Ballroom.

Justin, Jesse, and the video's director (she goes to Texas A&M and won a contest to direct the video!) walked down the red carpet and posed for pics. Bree and I scurried past the red carpet after they were done and headed straight to VIP for the bar, food, pong. For some reasons there was a beer pong table set up. There were also mini burgers and mini mac-n-cheese and mini everything to eat. Yummy.

While Bree and I waited for the boys to go through the press line, we people-watched, which, of course, is awesome in a backstage area. Eva Amurri (Susan Sarandon's daughter) was sitting next to us at the bar, and I knew she looked familiar, but could not place her at all! (Until later when she introduced an award, ha.) Also, Zoe Kravitz and Riley Keogh (Elvis' granddughter) were milling around, looking mainly bored and unamused by the ruckus.

I also spotted Mark Hoppus of Blink182, and my high school heart leapt a little bit in my chest. Mark produced Motion City's second album, Commit This to Memory, so I got really excited when I saw Mark talking to Jesse as he was making his way towards me. When Jesse got to me, I think he knew what my eyes were saying. But he probably took the cue from my mouth when I whisper-yelled, "INTRODUCE ME." I mean, after all, Mark had congratulated Jesse when we got engaged via AIM, even though he's never met me. So, we got introduced and he congratulated us again and true to what I've heard, he's hilarious and awesome.

Then Jesse saw his old friends from The All-American Rejects and we said hi and Chris entreated us with a whiskey shot ("don't threaten me with a good time"). We hung out with our friend Dana as well, and soon we were being herded into the seating area that was a ZOO compared to last year. Seriously, I couldn't walk ANYWHERE. We couldn't even get to our table. We had just found a place to plop down at when we saw Hayley and Jeremy from Paramore take the stage to announce the first award - for Best Video! And then Hayley basically ripped the envelope trying to get it open and squeaked out: "MOTION CITY SOUNDTRACK!"


I think it's pretty sweet that they got the first award, just sayin'. And thanks to anybody reading that voted!! You're awesome!! You award my fianz' slabs of wood! Yeah! :)

Justin, Lauren's friend who did the animation in the video, Lauren (Director), and Jesse - with the Hayley-ripped prize.

The rest of the show was actually entertaining; it was simple, starred some solid live acts, and kept the free drinks flowing. My favourite performance had to be Santogold - who sounded SO GOOD. Way better than when I saw her show in September. After the last acts, we headed out the back, next to Hayley and Jeremy and then cut quickly to avoid the craziness. Doug treated us all to a nice dinner to celebrate the award before we went to the afterparty. It was delicious!

After that, we were all set to go to the afterparty, as it was only like 1130, but then Jesse and I looked at each other and we knew we had to go home - we were SO tired. I mean, I'd been up since 7am and at work all day. So we made our way home and passed out.

If you have yet to see the award-winning (!!!) video check out this previous post!

Again, I'd just like to reiterate to anyone who voted (on the behalf of the band): THANK YOU! YOU ROCK!


  1. Elvis granddaughter?? she is so beautiful and she is related to the king himself!
    awesome, sounded like a awesome night. congrats to Jesse and the boys for winning.
    oh and meeting Mark Hoppus, way to go!!!

  2. Sweet I knew my voting regimen would pay off :)
    And Mark Hoppus. My high school insides would be screaming too. Lucky gal.

  3. hmmmm. my future wife doesn't look THAT good there. troublesome.

  4. My friend Chandler was at the award show! He posted a bunch of pictures of Paramore and Mark Hoppus (i loove blink 182). I thoroughly jealous of both of you.

    I'm glad MCS won! they deserved it, the video was great!

  5. you should've talked to hoppus about comics, he's a big nerd haha. i remember being nervous meeting him until he heard i worked at forbidden planet.

  6. yaaay! justin is really starting to look like a mountain man!

  7. Congrats to MCS. They should have won so I'm glad they did. Beer pong and mini burgers and mac and cheese AND Mark? That is an A+ night.

  8. congrats to jesse and the boys !!! the mini burger reminds me of that BK bundles from back in the 80s:

    oh. and justin looks to be aaabouuut two weeks away from being dubbed a yeti...

  9. JSYK, I have confirmed that the boys in the bathroom were Jet Lag Gemini.


    robyn - hahahahaha i have pics of them. wow, drunkskies.