Saturday, February 24, 2007

Stand beside me.

Um. My brain isn't functioning to full capacity right now due to about five million reasons, the least of which is lack of sleep. So all I can think to say at the moment in lieu of creative wittiness is that this week has been amazing, and continues to be so...

Revolver last night! Dance party fun with my favorites...a gyrating girl on the bar?...Gurj playing some girls are the best people EVER I know not how to function without them...a fight broke out and the dancing went sour. Ps Amber and Mike dancing was the best thing I've ever seen...

Let's hang out til the sun rises...

All I can say is "So Alive" by Ryan Adams is perfect for today...this's on repeat for now.

Brunch this afternoon...nothing beats great conversation + grilled cheese + a menu that says foodz.

Tonight more fun with my girls&faves...if I'm anti anything these days it's sleep.

All smiles.

--jessica maria

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