Monday, July 16, 2007

Cherchez la femme.

So, if you check out the August issue of Elle with Sarah Jessica Parker on the cover, I'm on page 94. Erica is there too! Global fashion, baby!

Also, I'm definitely wearing I do 80% of the time now anyway.

Yeah, this girl is in a magazine. O rly?


Thought I'd be cool and fix the lights in our place. Except sometimes the product is really shitty and I want to gouge my eyes out with it. Whatever.

Oh hey, who's seeing Dashboard tomorrow night? ME. Haven't seen them live in years...woah college. That'll be me in the back, screaming infidelities and spreading my hair everywhere. Shedding: big at Dashboard shows.

iPhone pictures helped me get through Monday. His face will always make me smile. His voice will always calm my nerves. And his goodnights will always beckon the sweetest of dreams.

I'm such a nerd. And...I'm perversely happy.

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