Tuesday, July 17, 2007

These four girls.

Dinner @ Vinyl.

They help relieve the stress; a respite from the anxieties. Where I can vent.

Curbside makes my life. An example why?

A conversation between the five of us tonight:

"Isn't he a legit midget?"
"You have to be 4'11"."
"He's not a midget. But. Short dudes are assholes."
"So...that makes him an illegal midget?"
"So true."
"Fact. -------: asshole. -------: asshole."
"Napoleon complex!"
"Like...the movie...Napoleon Dynamite?"
"Like the French emperor..."
"When you said movie my mind thought you were talking about Beethoven haha."
"With the DOG?!"
"With Charles Groban!"
"With Charles GroDIN, thank you!"

...then some pond slut got in the way of us getting into the pet store in time to ogle cute animals.

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