Saturday, July 21, 2007

Broseph !

Another year, another birthday bro-down. He turned 22 and we did it in style with a cookout, frisbee, wiffle ball, and beer pong. And wii!

Steve came by and I listened to some new demos. Epic as always. Hella good (literally) meets Muse meets a wizard. Or something?

Oh, and kudos to the bro for finding a gf that likes Alias and Chuck Palahniuk. Actually, kudos for just finding a ladyfriend that can read.

He got the new Harry Potter and I opened it to the last page to see what happens. I haven't read nor seen any of the books, movies, so I'm glad to keep up with what everyone will be talking about on work on Monday.

Drifting off to sleep after a phone call that left me in soon, hombre...

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