Thursday, July 12, 2007

Soy friendly !

Long day at work followed by a thigh-screaming run. Ran a cool shower and cooked up some rice & ready for Mike's farewell get-together.

Only to find out Mike isn't leaving at all! Perhaps a ruse to bring out his friends to his apartment - nah. Rooftop was amazing. All of Mahattan strewn before us as we sipped on wine and discussed rollerblades, Portland, and the Curbside tour winebago (tAnksgvng 07).

Kells made an appearance in email form: she announced her new blog, which has already won blog of the year in my mind.

Then we played wii. Mike and Trevor's amazing mii assortment wowed us all. "Is that Hitler?"

Yes. In tennis, Christy and I played doubles as a team: her as TokenAlien and me as Baby Jesus.

Needless to say, Erica was Hitler.

Mike then put in Wario Ware and our minds were suddenly on CRACK. What the hell?! I can't even explain its mindblowing amazingness. Erica and I shall own it soon...

Laying in bed stoked for a weekend at home...

Missing the comfort of the breath on my face as the words were whispered, instead of stretched and tightened and crackled to near confusion over these miles. Soon...soon...

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