Sunday, July 8, 2007

So, that was fun.

My head is exploding trying to remember everything from this weekend. I'm sitting in the airport wondering how to do so...

Slept like a rock on the bus - apparently this usually doesn't happen on the first try. Wasn't as awkward as I thought I'd be. Though trying to get off the top bunk in the middle of the night to pee on a moving bus was a bit of an obstacle.

Played some poker with members of the Higher and Sherwood...did pretty well (final 3?) until I got stubborn and went all in against the boyfriend. Ah well. I'll get better and beat you next time...and Josh, too!

I did take those two in Gin, though. Just saying!

The shows were amazing. Odd to think how I was screaming along to every word five years ago...and how I still am. The new songs rock live. I was soooo stoked that "Fell in Love Without You" made their set. It's so effin good! Also, love that people were singing along to "This is for Real." Okay, I need to compose myself and stop geeking out about how awesome their shows are....

Cause even when you rock too fast, I still catch a look and it sends me reeling.

Okay one more thing: singing along next to me last night was Mr. Dan Johnson and him and his son are so damn alike it's scary. I'd say two of the sweetest men out there.

Oh, and the other bands rocked too! I definitely went a bit crazy for Sherwood's "Best in Me."

So, that was Seattle, Portland, and San Francisco. My first of a lot of things. West coast, tour bus, etc. Love it! Loved just holding his hand and being silly. Loved just being with him more than anything.

Excited for home...though...

"I waved goodbye to that heart of mine..." - I'll welcome it back again soon.

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