Friday, July 10, 2009

Bubble pop electric, you've got to get it.

Guess what?! GUESS WHAT?! I got picked as a Gap Brand Enthusiast! Last night I returned home from seeing The Hurt Locker with Jesse, and dinner with him and Tyler, Jiscilla, Jesse Lee, and Brian to a package from Gap welcoming me. In it were the above & below shirt - why yes, that says "Born to Blog" - could it BE more appropriate? I think not.

Also enclosed was a group of minz lip glosses, the Gap's "Close" perfume, and a canvas tote bag perfect for, say, a honeymoon on a beach in a month? Yes, perfect.

This means my friends and I get to have a little party and try on the new Gap Born to Fit denim line - before it hits stores. If there's one thing I like in this world, it's a great pair of jeans, so I'm incredibly excited!


  1. me too me too!
    i was soooooooo excited last night.
    and how great is that tee!?

  2. That shirt is awesome. How was the Hurt Locker? I've been hearing good things. War movie directed by a woman... thoughts?

  3. I love it because it's true! =]

  4. How cute!!! I want one!!!!