Thursday, June 25, 2009

Gonna dress you up in my love.

"Things... are... happening!"

Last week, I was approached via e-mail by a woman named Justine who works for a branding/marketing company. She'd read this here blog and wanted to know if I was interested in being a Gap Brand Enthusiast, meaning I'd throw a little party for me and my close friends where we'd try on loads of Gap product. It would also mean I'd get sent Gap packages over the course of a year.

So yeah - I was interested!

I met with Justine after work yesterday for a discussion about my "nomination." Afterwards, she took me over to the Gap where I got some free merchandise of my choosing - and, let me tell you, I'm already pretty enthusiastic about the Gap after this visit!

Admittedly, I haven't been to the Gap in maybe a year - mostly due to my cut down on shopping (weddings cost money!). I was surprised to find a lot of stuff I wanted, and so I tried on many an outfit. I also tried to think of my mother, who says I need to wear brighter colors all the time. I tend to wear lots of darker colors like purple, red, and gray. And in New York, it's true, wearing all-black just sorta happens a lot. I've been better in the past couple of months with my latest purchases, and so, I present to you, my Gap score:

Bright green sundress! I hardly wear green. I think I only have one cardigan of this same color. But it's super cute - it's basically a cotton tank top and a silky light skirt. Justine suggested pairing it over a small tee, an idea which I'll be trying soon!

Okay, I ended up with something gray: this totally adorable short-sleeved cardigan. It's light though. I'm wearing it at work today and I'm kind of in love with it. I was choosing between this color and a dark purple - went gray!

This dress is bright blue, and silky. It fits perfectly - I forgot to get a picture of the back, which is a racerback that fits snug and clean. It looks great, and I feel fabulous in it. Won't it look cute with those yellow wedges my mom got me? COLORS!

And the dress was so fabulous I got it in black too (hee hee) -

Now, my closet is full of summer dresses - it's exciting! But also, I wish I could maybe have a hot, dry summer day in which to wear them? Because so far it's been pretty dreary out. It hasn't stopped being rainy and sticky and humid and gross! Ah well, there will be a time...and I'll be feeling pretty good and prepared in my outfits!


  1. I'm not surprised you got selected for this, clearly you're a great model :) I lurve that blue dress, I've seen it before in the gap (I like the gap because it's the only place where jeans fit me) but I'm afraid to try it on with my big rack, haha. Hope you get more free stuff, and I'm available for all parties ;)

  2. wow, awesome! cute stuff, it all looks so fun!
    if you come to texas i promise you can wear summer clothes every day. you won't even want to wear that though, it's been over 100 EVERY DAY for like the past week. ridiculous. lets trade weather for like 3 days. our lakes are wasting away!

  3. cute stuff! I'm majorly jeal.

  4. yay! i actually saw someone wearing that first dress (in purple, not green) with a t-shirt under it...and it looked really cute.

  5. ps i am on the gaps website right now...i want that dress!

  6. Love love love all of those selections! I am currently obsessed with summer dresses so now I'm going to have to check those out. Awesome!

  7. You did very well. I love all the dresses. They are very cute.

  8. OMG are those dresses at the Gap right now! Those are all adorbs. You can never have too many summer dresses!

  9. Emily - if I get a party, you are coming to Brooklyn for it!!! The product they're pushing is actually jeans, too, so I think that's what the party would be centered on!

    Amanda - Oof!!! I'd rather see sunshine than rain in June, though! Here I come :)

    E-Money - thanks!

    Amber - Justine said it came in purple, but the store we went to didn't have that color :( But that's probably good news since I certainly would have gotten it in purple. Maybe I still should? Maybe I should sign online too? Hahahaha....

    Jen - Def check out Gap for summer dresses! They can go formal or casual, I love them!

    Phampants - Thanks!

    Kristen - Yes, get thee to the local Gap! :)

  10. your so pretty jess!!

  11. So jealous! I love everything you have. All those dress are absolutely stunning. Especially the black one.