Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Brotherhood of Justice.

Dearest Jessica,

Man, it's been a while. I would be sorry I haven't written, but life is pretty crazy in 2011. You'll see. You've sent me a lot of letters and they were all too long. I mean, I don't want to read about commitment, "therefore" I stop reading (or stopping the person reading to me) when you mention wedding. I was curious about the word "nuptials" but when I found out it means "wedding" I was way confused, dude.

My reason today for writing you is because today is CANADA DAY. It's CANADA DAY here, two years in the future, and it's CANADA DAY there, in your present.

Hold on, had to "think" about that one for a second.

Okay. I think you told me you went to a lot of high schools. So did I. I got expelled from one because I was greasy and running around a lot. You may have gone to three high schools, but I went to four and they were in CANADA, so let's "celebrate" that. Except I never did graduate, so I you have me beat there. But then, I make lots more money than you do, so it all evens out in the end, I guess. HAPPY CANADA DAY.

Wait. This letter "just" got too long.




  1. Sooo glad to see a Keanu letter again! It's been a while. :-)

  2. These letters are officially the best thing ever.

  3. Brian - thanks dude! I'll try to get back on it... :)