Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Da diddley qua qua.

This evening I was working late, and when I finally wrapped up what I needed to do, I stepped outside my office building to torrential downpour. I made my way as quick as I could to the subway station and found relief for forty minutes or so until I got to my stop.

Trying to walk to my apartment, the wind was trying to wrench the umbrella from my grip, and the rain doused me every chance it got. I entered my building as if a monster had been chasing me. I was soaking wet and my dress clung to my legs and when I took a step my heels made that squiggy sound to let me know they were full of water.

Yesterday, my evening went FAR better. The weather was beautiful and I walked around the city in my sunglasses. And...I got a haircut!

Before, I've complained about finding a good and reasonably priced stylist in the city. Well, lo and behold, my stylist is two for two now. And yes, that's my Gap dress with a tee on underneath! Cute, right? I then met up with Kells at Sweet Emily's and we had a grand time consuming our favourite food and gabbing about all the exciting things that are happening this summer and all that already has!

Unfortunately, my amazing cut and blowdry (my stylist called it the "fun" blowdry), which usually lasts a couple of days, was a victim of today's horrendous, vindictive weather.


  1. love the fun blow dry! boo for the rain though

  2. cute! my friend and i were just talking about haircuts being one of the best things. it just makes me so happy.

  3. Your hair looks fantastic! And... I think I want that dress, haha!