Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Like a fly on the wall with my secret eyes.

The deets! The happy-haps! (What?) I mean, nothing got better than hanging out on Adrian Young's tour bus - let's be honest. I kind of glided through the rest of the weekend with a smile on my face!

On Saturday morning I woke up and headed into the city because Jesse had gotten me a gift certificate months ago for a two-hour massage. (No, seriously, he's the best gift-giver of all time.) I actually had no idea what to expect, but I lay down for two lovely hours free of tension. Looking back, I think it was rather necessary and I plan on getting another one soon!

After that, I ran some errands and met up with my friend Colleen, and we met up with my old friends in Monty Are I. Hilarity and fun times ensued. They had a photoshoot on Sunday, so all day Saturday they were shopping with their label for clothes. Then I made Steve show me some poses:

I hope he worked it out by Sunday.

Me and my lemur face with Steve.

Mike, looking not like Mike at all, but strangely...a little...Bradley Cooper-esque??? The eyes?!

Now, we were hanging out at our friend Ben's apartment, which he shares with four other dudes, and Joe was taking polaroids and making us sign them. Colleen and I looked super peeved in the pic he took of us. But we were having a great time! PROMISE!

I was going to hold this photo ransom as some sort of blackmail leverage, but I couldn't not share it with the world, now. Steve and Mike. Doing what they do.

Don't let these pictures deter you from seeing them on tour this summer - whether on Warped or with Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. They're good dudes who make good music and they have a KILLER live show. Check out their site for tour dates! They have an album coming out this summer, and it will be available on Warped Tour to purchase - I got to sit down with them and listen to the masters of their songs, and I'm excited to get my hands on it when it goes on sale. There's one song I already know I'm going to be dancing around my room to. Yes!! And I'll post the rest of the pictures on Facebook soon!

All in all, it was a blast to hang out with them and catch up on everything that they're doing. I've known them since back in my freshman year of college, which was (HOLY CRAP) eight years ago...and they were known as Monty's Fan Club. It's funny to see where we all are now in our lives, and I can't wait to see where they're going...stay tuned!

On Sunday I met up with Jill, who's married to Josh from Motion City Soundtrack. She's in town for work, so we had some brunch, did a little shopping, took in some of the gay pride parade, and then meandered into a bar we didn't know was all about the USA/Brazil soccer match. It ended up being a pretty exciting atmosphere, and we ended up caring a bit about the game, too. Weird how that happens when you're in the midst of tons of die-hard fans yelling and screaming about their teams. Anyway, it was a great afternoon!

BY THE WAY. MOTION CITY SOUNDTRACK FINISHED RECORDING THEIR NEW ALBUM ON SUNDAY!!!! And now it's just a matter of time for all the rest of the process to be complete! Are you excited? I'm excited!! The demos I've heard have all rocked so hard, and I can't wait to hear the mastered versions for maximum rock out-age.

Congratulations, dudes!

Jesse gave me a call Sunday in the midst of their celebrations - I wish I could have been there in the excitement, but I was also excited because this means Jesse is a-comin' home! He gets back on Friday, eeeeeeeeeeee!

After hanging out with Jill on Sunday, I dropped by Sarah's new party Sunday School NYC. I think it's a great idea - an all ages event every Sunday from 4-8pm at Webster Hall with bands and DJs! When I walked in I got a sweet purple bracelet that glows in the dark and had the date on it. I also got cuted out when I saw little toddlers dancing around to the music on the dancefloor! Seriously. Wow.

Anyway, Sarah is one of the sweetest human beings on the planet and I totally dig the Sunday School scene she's set up. I got really into the second band that played, Zambri, which had two awesome sister lead vocalists. More on them later when I've listened to their album I bought! The room was also a great setting for a dance party - which happened when Erica stood up to the DJ booth!

And here's my Sunday School portrait by Coco Courtney. I must not fall for bad boys! I think I've got that covered...


  1. that pic of the dudes and their circus tricks is hilarious! it looks like he's riding a dolphin for some reason.

    and the mcs pic, so cute. i'm hoping b tours with them again so i can con him into inviting me along. (yes, we're talking. yes, we're hanging out. yes, we have an issue staying away from eachother. hahah)


  2. i didn't realize there was a wallpaper with my mantra on it.

  3. wow those pics were entertaining lol. i wish i was hanging with you guys lol

  4. awwww my boysssss I miss them so much!!!! I have been a bad friend, but I know they will forgive me!

    That SERIOUSLY does NOT look like Mike in EITHER pic! Are his eyes brighter than usual or something?????

    Congrats to your boy coming home soon and finishing the album! woohoo!

  5. Wow, neat-o! Lemur face...hahahaha! How silly...