Saturday, June 27, 2009

Thank you for turning on the lights !

I had an epic adventure with Dana Dynamite last night.

After work, I met Dana at her place in Nolita and then we attempted to ask many car services and cabs to take us to New Jersey for the No Doubt show - most to no avail. FINALLY we got a car service for a decent price and embarked on our journey into the garden state. When we made it to the venue after a couple of hours of teaching the guy how to actually, you know, drive, he tries to get us to the gates in a roundabout way and then basically gets lost and asks us to ask a policeman.

Policeman liked Dana from the onset - because he thought she had a TV show. "I've seen your TV show! Here, I'll take you guys up, just follow me." We got a police escort to the back of the venue where all the tour buses are. Then, we tell him we have to pick up our passes at Will Call, we don't have them yet. So he escorts us there, and Policeman hands Dana his business card, totally flirt-like.

The car service driver tried to rip us off on the price, but we paid him no heed (literally). We finally got our tickets & VIP passes (eeeee!) and Policeman was there making sure everything went smoothly. Then when we told him we'd just head into the venue, he got a little huffy (I think he wanted to take us to the backstage area again?), and asked Dana if he could "get that paperwork back."

Dana and I looked at each other, then looked at him. What?

Dana goes, "Do you mean your business card?"

He nods, and takes it back. It was the strangest thing. We were cracking up about it for hours. 1. Why take it back?? 2. You call your business card "paperwork" - really?!

ANYWAY, finally in the venue and we decide rather than go backstage, we just want to watch the show from our killer seats, since it will sound better. Obvs, I was all up for this. We get to our seats and Dana reaches for her phone to tell her friends she'll be back after No Doubt plays, and she realizes she left it in the car. Bum out. Luckily, she has a blackberry she uses solely for e-mailing, and since everyone has a smart-phone of some sort, she can e-mail everyone her whereabouts, haha.

I was just standing there, excited to be at the show. No Doubt had an amazing setlist that included one of my favourites off Tragic Kingdom, "End it On This." There was a guy in the audience who had a sign that read "Today is my birthday! Please play Tragic Kingdom or Total Hate!" They sweetly obliged by playing "Tragic Kingdom" until Tom's wireless cut out and when he came back out, then launched into "Simple Kind of Life." Dana and I were swaying and singing our hearts out. Another fan had a sign saying he'd been to thirty shows! Gwen brought him on stage to introduce the band members - which he did perfectly and wonderfully and they all gave him thumbs ups and hugs.

When No Doubt left the stage before their encore, Dana explained that her friend Chad was coming out to sit with us during the encore because his girlfriend was going to take the stage during one of the songs. You know, his girlfriend, Hayley Williams from Paramore. So Chad (who also happens to be in a band) is sitting between us, and he's a legitimately nice dude, very mellow and sweet. When the encore starts, I don't let his presence affect my flipping out. Whatever, your girlfriend's awesome, and I will shout along to "Stand & Deliver" and bounce around.

After the show, Dana and I went 'round back and met up with Tony Kanal and his girlfriend Erin. Super-nice. Of course. Dana introduced me as her friend Jessica, a really big fan. Perhaps a blush from me, but whatever, that's what I am. A huge fan. Yes, hello, you're awesome, great show.

Then came along Nina, the drummer Adrian's wife, who's really close with Dana. She was so personable and wanted to know, as a die-hard fan, what I thought of the show (um, I may have gone on a tangent about it's amazingness?). And then Adrian, his seven-year-old son Mason, and Tia joined us. Incredibly nice. What would I expect? They always seem so - from the way they treat their fans, to each other, to other bands - I've never heard them being egocentric jerks like some musicians in their bracket. Even below it. They're genuine and talented and grateful for all they have. I was surprised at how nice.

When Dana mentioned that we had gotten to New Jersey via car service, Nina became instantly worried about how we were going to get back. She then relayed how their bus was taking them back into the city to their hotel - and, per chance, would we want to travel back with them?

Um, yes.

So we got on the bus (each member of No Doubt has their own bus - families will do that to you!), and Adrian was asking us if we wanted anything to eat or drink, and telling us about the day they spent in New York. The bus was incredibly nice - huge fridge, queen size bed in back, big bunks. I made a joke about being on Jesse's bus with 18 other people and how luxurious it felt on Adrian's bus, and Adrian said he "remembered those days."

Yes, during this whole time I was spazzing out undercover style because, let's think about this: I was on Adrian of No Doubt's tour bus. I was having a conversation. I was acting nonchalantly as possible about hanging out with a guy IN MY FAVOURITE BAND EVER. Surreal doesn't even begin to cover it.

When we got into the city and their hotel at 2am, the paparazzi were there waiting. I was totally surprised. Dana and I said our goodbyes and ran to get a cab to retrieve Dana's phone and then head home.

Dana and I on the bus - THANK YOU DANA DYNAMITE!!!
She also has some more pics :)

I may or may not have danced around in the elevator going up to my apartment at 230am. I MAY OR MAY NOT HAVE.


  1. Totally jealous jessie.. you get to meet such cool and amazing ppl!!!


  2. is it totally wrong that my favorite part of this story was the guy asking for his paperwork back ?


  3. Holy crap holy crap holy crap! What a night! I'm not jealous. AT ALL.

  4. aside from the amazingness of this post, you were cracking me up. The paperwork?!? And "I MAY OR MAYNOT HAVE!" hahaha

  5. You ROCK STAR! That's fantastic. What a great weekend.

  6. AMAZING!!!!!! Totally agreed I was laughing out loud in my rather quiet cubicle at the paperwork and MAY OR MAY NOT HAVE!

  7. this post makes me love no doubt all the more.

    i would have a sign reading play bathwater!