Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Maybe it's trite but I can always be wrong.

Let me explain.

Last night Zan and I had our monthly meeting at Whiskey Park to delve into serious discussion over peartinis, and per usual, we got into books. Zan and I started talking about 2666's lovely box-set packaging, and how design can make a world of difference in wanting to read a book. I then chose that moment to woefully pull out my copy of what I was currently reading: Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card.

Many, many people have suggested I read this book. Plus, Carrabba wrote that song "Ender Will Save Us All," a direct reference, and thus I was sold. So, after misplacing the copy of it my dad gave me years ago, which looked like this:

You know - a regular sci-fi book, no big deal - Last year I ordered it off Amazon and this is what the package held:

And it's been sitting on my shelf until now because it looks like the cover for a 5th grader - nay! 4th grader.

Zan laughed hysterically and snapped the picture above of my shame. Remember, I read mainly on my subway commute, and so I publicly display my literature every morning and evening. I wouldn't say I take it too seriously, but I did refuse to read Twilight on my commute. I hope people at least recognize the title to know that it's a legitimate novel, and I didn't steal some kid's school book. All that said, I am enjoying Ender's Game - though I'm going to need a different copy for the library I'm planning for in my future!

And so, Zan and I had another great evening dishing on various subjects, including the current state of celebrity compared to the 50s and 60s, her love of Brit rock in the 90s and my love of alternative in the 90s, the complete lameness of a number of bands these days, her trip to Italy, and the elusive Whiskey Park Twitterer. The WPT never got back to us except after we had left and with a simple smile! What a tease! We asked our waitress bringing out the peartinis who the WPT was and she didn't even know they had a Twitter. BUM OUT. There's always next time, though - right?


  1. Yay for finally getting around to Ender's Game!!!! Seriously that makes me incredibly happy, despite your lame reissue.

  2. ...I have never seen that cover. Hahaha. But it is one of my favorite books.

  3. That cover is the absolute worst. I've got the old cover, and the thing is falling apart.

  4. hahaha that cover is a serious downgrade, but i seem to remember the book being awesome. i'll have to read it again - i bet there's a copy floating around at my parent's house. (with the original cover of course)

  5. this is very weird but... in the girl's new apartment building's laundry room there is a book swap, and i happened to have found a copy of ender's game there yesterday and took it, as i've never read it (and thought of the dashboard song)...

    anyway, it is the cover you originally had, and i'd be more than happy to trade you.

  6. I adore the Ender series. Totally recommend Ender's Shadow for after, which is Ender's Game from Bean's point of view. Pretty nifty read!