Wednesday, July 22, 2009

If you can imagine, it's easy if you try.

Today I fly to LAS VEGAS!

Jesse left on Monday to start rehearsing with the band, as they haven't actually played all together since last October - since before Tony broke his arm! They're rehearsing because they are playing TWO shows with Blink-182 on Thursday and Friday. I haven't seen Blink live since they're pre-hiatus tour with No Doubt!

Other reasons I'm stoked for this trip are:

- Jesse's mom flew out to be there, too! I believe all the MCS dudes have family coming out!

- Get to catch up with the lovely ladies from my LA trip - Lindsay, Christina, Jill, Jenna!

- RICK IS COMING ON FRIDAY!!! Rick is one of my best friends and I last saw him at Christmas. As he lives in Reno, he's coming down on Friday morning to hang out and see the show too!!

- It's VEGAS, hello! I've only been once, as in last summer, but I anticipate an even better time. Perhaps because the bands Motion City is playing with this time around are filled with better persons than last year's headliners? Whatever, last year was GREAT, and this year it's going to be a party!

- Pre-wedding relaxing = good stuff. It's been quite busy 'round these parts, so I'm glad to get out of New York and ease my mind by not thinking about it! Also, will try to be avoiding any and all questions about it this weekend.

- Plus, I get to fly out of JFK Airport's swank new JetBlue Terminal 5!

Anyway, I'm sure Jesse is eagerly awaiting my arrival (right, Jesse??) and this afternoon I'm on my way! I hope to blog a bit, but that BlogPress app isn't that amazing because it resizes the pics and just creates extra work for me when I get back (lame). However, the Tumblr app is still great on the go and I'll be "scrapbooking" my trip over there. As in, HERE.


  1. so jealous of that show - have the best time!!!

  2. yeehaw! i fly out tonight. so i will see you tomorrow, my love!!!

  3. that's so awesome! have fun and get your dance on a little extra for me!

  4. how exciting! have a great time :)