Wednesday, July 8, 2009

An internet conversation regarding Public Enemies.

Rick posted:

I don't know why, but the general consensus seems to be one of disappointment towards this movie. I'm not sure what people were expecting, but aside from an over reliance on steady cam shots and a preference for video vs film, both of which are among the few faults Mann has as a director, the movie delivered everything I expected from it, which was largely great performances by great actors as interested characters during a time period that I absolutely adore. Depp as always is phenomenal, which ironically, much like the Pirates movies, works to the films detriment. The movie absolutely shines when Depp is center stage and he looks like he is having an absolutely blast playing the legendary bank robber. However, he is so good that when he's not on screen you kind of sit there being bored until he comes back. It's not that the other actors and characters aren't interesting, it's that they are mostly FBI agents, and as usual the bad guys are just more fun to watch. The only other problem is that which every other historical drama comes across... you know how it's going to end. So despite all the fun you may have along the way, you know the character is in no real danger up until the end and then you know that it is all going to fall apart. Public Enemies is by no means a perfect movie, but for what it is, aside from Up, I think it might be the best movie that this summer is going to see.

I commented:

Besides UP? I would choose Star Trek over Public Enemies! It was a decent movie, but not amazing. It was disjointed and hard to follow. I'll start with the two-tone score: using an instrumental score through the movie, but also a banjo/bluegrass score? Also, the music didn't match in a couple of the scene, it totally distracted me. Michael Mann thought we knew way more than we did - I got the big ones, Babyface Nelson, Hoover, etc., but I don't think he really gave me the big picture about Dillinger. He gave me a year in the life. Which is the most exciting year, but...who knows? Maybe it's all I needed to know - but, it still made me curious. And finally, related to that note, Depp is a great actor by all means, but I don't think the movie gave Dillinger much depth at all - ("Deppth"???) - there were moments of blatant trying ("He is a man all alone") but it all felt too obvious and "said" as opposed to demonstrated or acted. This is where Mann surprised me - because he can make the best out of the inner emotional struggles of a person in The Insider, but Dillinger just seemed flat. All that said, it was entertaining and provided some good action and wry laughs. (AND COSTUMES!) I'd give it a B-.

Rick e-mailed me:

You're absolutely right, Star Trek was better than Public Enemies... though I still do think it is among the best movies we are going to see this summer, which is really more of a testament to how crappy this summer has been for movies than an endorsement of PE as a great film. Also there is a good chance that my opinion of the movie was artificially inflated as the last thing I saw was Transformers 2... now THAT is a movie with no character development.... at all...

I e-mailed him:

I can't believe you watched the hogwash that was Transformers 2. All I know is that I saw an article entitled "The Ten Biggest Plotholes in Transformers 2" - hahahaha! Because apparently it's not just ten. I mean, Public Enemies was a tad more enjoyable for me because I could look at the mug of Johnny Depp most of the time and be completely satisfied. But I have reason to believe Megan Fox (and her motorcycle humping derrier) couldn't do the same for Transformers 2.

That said - have you seen the preview for the new Diablo Cody written flick, "Jennifer's Body"? Starring M. Fox? It looks decent and also stars one of my Veronica Mars faves Lily (Amanda Seyfriend) and that old darling Adam Brody. Also, I may be mistaken but I think I also saw Beaver from V.Mars?

PS Kristen Bell has a twitter, FYI. (IMKristenBell) Except she already dropped a tweet with her bf's Dax's name in it and I can't believe she's still dating him. THAT IS ALL.

He replied:

This is my favorite "review" of transformers... wherein a guy interviews himself about the movie and hilarity ensues

I have indeed seen the Jennifer's Body trailer.... not sure what to think, it doesn't look terrible, but I hate Megan Fox, and I think Diablo Cody may have had a fluke with Juno... because the rest of her writing that I've been exposed to (which consists solely of her EW column) is not very good. But hey Brody and Seyfried may warrant a watch... and honestly when do I ever say no to going to the movies (see aforementioned Transformers 2)

All of my celebrity crushes let me down with their taste in men...


And now all I can think is finally a dude who can say that Megan Fox blows chunks!


  1. You should watch Away We Go and (500) Days of Summer. I have seen both and they are fantastic. I definitely think you'll be more enthusiastic about the summer when you've checked those out.

  2. iiii hate megan fox. what a crock of crap.

  3. surprisingly my old co-worker recently told me he also thinks she is nasty.. apparently she has a big forehead?? I couldn't believe it.. I thought he was the only guy who thought she's not hot at all...