Monday, July 6, 2009

I've seen right through and underneath.

What a phenomenal weekend! The worst part? I basically have zero pictures from it - I was so taken with the entire weekend, there was no time to document it. But, I figure there's got to be a way to invigorate my post with something pretty to look at. And since I saw Public Enemies over the weekend, I think that something pretty will be Johnny Depp. So, there may be no relation between the words and the images in this post, but I dare you to complain.

On Thursday, Erica and I left for our Connecticut paradise, aka Catherine & Steve's house (her aunt and uncle). We arrived only to promptly head back out for Mexican and margaritas. And a grocery debacle.

In Connecticut, you can't buy alcohol past 9pm. After dinner, we went to a grocery store to pick up some BL Limes for the weekend, and it was nearing 9pm when the cashier began swiping our loot. One 12-pack scanned, followed in the next moment by the second 12-pack, which didn't scan. The cashier told us it had turned 9:01pm between scans and that we couldn't buy the second 12-pack because the register doesn't register alcohol after 9pm. Technology!

On Friday, Erica and I were leisurely in getting up, and spent most of the day in the sun and reading and drinking lots of water in premeditated hydration, and then Kells arrived! We handed her a hot dog and a drink and she joined us in our reveling. And then the sky clouded and we napped. (Seriously this is my idea of an awesome weekend, I kid you not.)

Soon more of Erica's family arrived, and we then gathered ourselves to go see Public Enemies. The movie wasn't all that brilliant - but what I could do for two hours is watch Johnny Depp, as he sometimes alludes my memory until I actually see him and then I remember how nice he is to look at. Back to the movie. It's interesting for all the weird one-line bit parts played by recognizable actors, but the the film itself felt disjointed both by its score and by what the writer/director thought the audience knew about John Dillinger. If anything, it made me want to read up on a little Dillinger history, because all I knew about him was that he was a bank robber in the '30s and there's a band called the Dillinger Escape Plan. He wasn't a figure deeply covered in my high school or college history books.

On Saturday morning, I was reunited with my true, unreplaceable number-one love Jesse, as he had flown in from San Diego on Friday night and took a train with Sean to join the festivities. We soon thereafter embarked on lawn games of bocce ball and bag toss! Our friends Lauren, Sam, and Jim drove in for the 4th of July celebrations, too! And there was a belated ice cream cake for Erica's birthday! And uno! And margaritas thanks to Steve and Catherine's purchase of a Margaritaville Margarita maker! And Apples to Apples! And delicious flank steak! And lots of other stuff that involved exclamation points!

We woke up on Sunday to a delicious cheesy breakfast casserole, and continued with lawn games, some Friday Night Lights season three (almost done, ALMOST)...and then we had to bid sad, how sad. Luckily, Kells came via automobile and we got a ride home instead of having to deal with trains and subways!

So, I'm putting a thank you out to Erica, Catherine & Steve, Kells, all of Erica's family, Jesse for finally coming back for a good long while (yay!), and Johnny, thank you -


  1. mmmm loves me some johnny! ....wait..there were words in between those pictures??

    the margarita maker is pretty awesome - my aunt and uncle have one too!

  2. I was interested in your weekend recap anyways, but those pictures made it that much better!

  3. haha. you are hilarious. who doesn't love a depp?

  4. Friday Night Lights is such a great show. The Riggins brothers are hysterical and Saracen is such a sweetheart.

  5. thank you for the hottness that is johnny depp