Friday, June 19, 2009

Woah! And to make it real ----

By the way. Tomorrow. I'm seeing No Doubt with my fellow die-hards - Erica, Katie, and Perry. Let me take a moment...

There's one tour poster for each date on the tour - can't wait to check out what our date's is!

They seem to be playing most of the singles with a couple old songs like "Hey You" and "End it On This." I'm just excited to be seeing them live again (who knew if it would happen?!) and to sing along with mah girls.

One of the best bands I've ever seen live, still true!

Oh, and on Sunday, Jesse's flying in for some necessary wedding planning, so I get to see him for the first time since LA! And it's also Father's Day! And when we get back to New York, it's Erica's BIRTHDAY!

...I may be a little tired next week :)


  1. girl! oh my gosh i saw these guys like two weeks ago. so good. and i am not even like a HUGE fan (i think i am a little too old and not old enough? you know? maybe?) either way: show was epic and non stop and just magic. she also has a sequined onesie so you know...killz it

  2. oh my god JM, I am sooo jealous of you!!! I wanna see no doubt so much!!!