Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Roll over and whisper some goodness.

Every day for the past couple of weeks, the morning weather report declares rain. And it's true - it's been raining nearly non-stop whether I happen to be here in New York or in Massachussetts. Usually the rain dampens not only the soles of my shoes, but also my spirits. Usually, the rain invites me to stay in bed a little longer: no need to go out and play. Usually, I obey.

However, the past two weekends have been some of the best in my history. Of course, I've recounted the tales of last weekend from the bridal shower to the bachelorette party to the hangover. And this weekend held just as much fun and excitement!

On Saturday morning, Erica and I woke up entirely too early (but necessary). We made it to Grand Central in time to meet up with Katie and Perry to head to Massachusetts. Because that night we were seeing NO DOUBT!!!

No Doubt = my favourite band on this planet. Yeah, I said it. I grew up listening to them, and they still blow my mind. We drove the hour to the Comcast Center and Perry got us our tickets at the band guestlist window (yeah, I know) and with a bit of help from her father, we were seated in the second row center for the show. YEAH.

Before we sat down, however, we had to collect our merch - I got a tote with the retro Spiderwebs poster on it, the limited edition tour poster, and the official tour program (which is filled with achingly amazing photos of the tour).

Why yes, I took this picture with my iPhone...

After going through layers of security to our seat, we settled in for an amazing set from Paramore. Since the seats were empty next to us we all kind of spread out and rocked out. And next...

Came No Doubt. They played all their hits and the four of us began a good two hours of jumping, fist-pumping, skanking, and singing. I would like to call it a legitimate workout. Also, they played a full version of "Tragic Kingdom," "Different People," and "Rock Steady," - all which made me oh-so-happy! I've seen No Doubt live several times, including almost a month and a half ago at Bamboozle - and this was the best I've seen them! They're one of THE BEST live bands I've ever seen, with all their energy, and they completely upped themselves on Saturday night. Watching them surrounded by my besties, all of us fangirls, was a great feeling.

The video backdrop for their show had some amazing montages and great new stuff from the band. I hope they make a live DVD of this tour and it includes some of those montages - they were quite mesmerizing!

After spending an hour getting out of the parking lot and another hour trying to get home in a rainy haze, we finally made it at 130am. I was up at 6am, because guess who needed to get picked up at the airport?! JESSE!!

Of course, his plane arrived half an hour early and so I was speeding a bit on the way there. I got pulled over for the first time ever. But the cop only gave me a verbal warning for going 80mph in a 65mph zone. Phew.

Then I got Jesse, who flew in on the red-eye from LA, so we were both in a sleepy haze. We had a few appointments on Sunday, and I dropped off the girls at the train station. When I returned, for Father's Day (!!!!) my dad, mom, brother, Jesse, and I went to the best local pizza joint called Zorba's. We gorged and then went to see Up which is adorable and we all loved it. I had a really great time relaxing with my family and especially my dad!

On Monday, Jesse and I took care of a few more things, and it looks like we're all set to make this "marriage" thing legal in August!

Can I get a "YAY!!!!" ?!?!?!

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  1. YAY!!!! Holy crap this makes me so excited for No Doubt/Paramore....only 12 days left to wait! Oh how I hope they play Different People in mpls! And concerts like this = 100% legit workout.