Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The hangover.

I've been over Saturday - the bridal shower, the bachelorette party...well, after waking up a little groggy on Sunday, my girls (Erica, Christy, Amber, Kelly, Jiscilla) and I headed to Life Cafe for some brunch. Though some of us were still feeling the effects of the previous night, it was still a lively meal and complimented with mimosas. Amber, that rebellious lady, ordered a bit too many drinks:

Cranberry mimosa, water, iced coffee, orange juice. Silly.

Also, please notice the size of mine and Christy's mimosa...

Jiscilla is also drinking a mimosa - a pint-size one. She became tipsy all over again and if you've ever been around Jiscilla tipsy, you know she's the cutest ball of giggles and thoughts ever.

After brunch we went back to the apartment for a slideshow of all the pictures Jiscilla took the previous night - I think nearly all of us were crying from laughter by the end of it. Seriously, when the bartender at Barcelona dressed up like Harry Potter, he looked more like Murray (Flight of the Conchords) dressed up like Harry Potter in Yes, Man. Follow? Anyway, I'll have all those (well, most!) pics up in a Facebook album when I get my hands on them.

Then we headed out to see The Hangover in Manhattan. It was probably the most perfect timing in history to see that movie, which is about the day after a bachelor party. I don't think any of us stopped laughing throughout. And maybe it was the timing, and perhaps it was because I was surrounded by my best friends, but it was definitely the funniest movie I've seen this year.

Also, I think everybody now crushes Bradley Cooper. Just sayin', Kells and I were on that ish back when he played Will Tippin on ALIAS, the adorable, rumpled, glasses-wearing journalist. Swoon. No doubt, I'm excited everyone else is all about him now too! So, check out ALIAS for some good JJ Abrams-ness, plus, the season one finale has my favourite Will Tippin moment.

We simply couldn't part after seeing the movie - we were still recounting scenes and lines from it, and both Christy and Amber would be flying home the next day. We decided to go to (you guessed it) Sweet Emily's for the always-delicious grub. We finally said our heartfelt goodbyes and talked about how amazing the entire weekend was. And how it was just a pre-cursor to how great the wedding is going to be in August.

You know how when you're little and you're talking to your best friends and you're like, "when we grow up we're going to live in the house next door to each other and have sleepovers all the time!!" - well, I'm not going to lie, I may have had this thought while saying bye and reflecting on how lucky I am to have these friends. Hearts.


  1. i love bradley cooper and i still miss alias! your weekend sounds truely fabulous!

  2. Best weekend ever is right - sounds like so much fun!! LOVE LOVE LOVE the book themed shower - and I may or may not be stealing that idea. Also need to see this movie - I've heard so many great things!

  3. YES!!! Bradley Cooper in that movie... I was drooling. Nothing like a good looking man in a well tailored suit, am I right? I tried to get Jeff to see the movie again last Saturday and he wasn't having any of it. He doesn't like to encourage my fantasy crushes.

  4. I saw the Hangover last night. Effing brilliant! "I keep forgetting about the tiger in the bathroom!" I love it.

  5. i think about us having sleepovers all the time too. you girls are the best, and it was the best weekend i've had in a long time (maybe ever?).

  6. You mean blind and deaf christy

  7. Ria - Ohhhhh ALIAS fan! How I love thee even more now!!! It's time for me to re-watch.

    Brittany - Yeah! Do it! And figure out how to get to Vegas?? ;)

    Emily - oh man, don't even get me started on well-tailored suits. Yum. And Bradley in all black - puh LEEZE. Jesse only likes to encourage my fantasy crushes by stealing my favourite things - um, why do you think he got his hair cut like Don Draper and wears vintage glasses now?! WHY?!?!?! Hahahaha, it's his own way of showing he loves me :)

    Hillary - It's SO good! Great line! So many!

    Amber - So true, lady. Miss you like WOAH already. Man. I wish you lived here!

    Be One - YUP! She's a silly one.

    CDecks - I thought we cured your deafness. But for reals, what was up with the volume in that theater?!

  8. Haha, I totally looked at Jeff the other day and said, "What would it look like if we grew your hair out?" Um, I don't think it's gonna happen...

  9. I've been crushing on Bradley Cooper since Alias too! It's weird that people are NOW noticing him. Is your favorite Tippin moment when he attacks his torturer? "1 IN 5!!"