Sunday, October 21, 2007


Laying in bed surrounded by walls.

Red Sox are going to the World Series. Love the texts...apparently they won while he played "Antonia" in Kansas City.

Becca & Monster vacated the premises. I miss that mangy stinky Dominican mutt...and Monster, too. (jk, snack attack!)


And this isn't torture. And it's not depressing. And there's no resentment. And all those questions people ask about it are easily answered. Because I go to sleep incredibly happy...usually with a wistful sigh and a smile. Because you're always there making sure I have the sweetest of dreams.

-- via hiphopopotamaus top


  1. glad we both can still hear each others muffled phone conversations at 1am....

  2. oof. but also glad i can sneak into your room and into your bed if i still need to! mwahaha

  3. pictures pictures pictures :)

  4. it's funny that you guys live together yet you are blog-commenting to each other all the time ha!

    love it.

  5. pictures coming, emily!

    sabrina - erica & i have walls now. and we spend hours apart from each other doing this thing called "work." we must keep a semblance of our friendship somehow!!! (hahahaha...yeah, we're freaks.)

  6. also SABRRRIIIII get a blog and keep us updated on life in RI!!