Monday, October 15, 2007


Ruin my day: I finally have insurance, so I booked a dentist appointment. I thought, "Yes! I won't have to pay for everything!" I got my teeth x-rayed, cleaned, and headed to the secretary's desk to schedule my next appointment.

"That will be $250 for this visit."

"Uh, doesn't my insurance cover this?"

"Yes, but how we do it here is we charge you and then send you a reimbursement check in two to four weeks once your insurance company has paid us."

Passed over my payment. Walked out of there livid.

Tomorrow I change dentists. I've already verified another dentist that takes my insurance and does NOT pull this scam.

I simply don't want to hand over $250 for a month every time I go to the dentist's.

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  1. Jessica!

    That really stinks- I hope you asked for a receipt and kept your receipt! I've never EVER heard of such a practice.


    keep calling them and asking if they have processed your reimbursement yet

  2. I called them and told them I wasn't "financially secure enough" to have a plan like that. So, they're going to send my info & xrays to new Dentist.


    Though, 3-4 weeks until I get my reimbursement. Psht.

  3. haha that's awesome.

    i just spoke with our insurance rep and she said you must have been going to a dentist who was covered by "out of network benefits" according to your plan. and that's how it works- you pay then submit it to the company and then they reimburse you.

    new dentist, thank you!