Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Are like maps and keys.

According to John's blog, I've given him the "suggestion of the month" by recommending the latest Dashboard.

Check out his review of Dashboard's latest here.

And John: I admit that I, too, totes had an emo-day after I listened to the album over and over twenty times. It included his entire catalog except Dusk & Summer, but including all the EPs and rarities (um, Kells shoutout: "Tonight I'll Take What I Can Get.")

Okay, I love that I have a friend to nerd out about the Dashboard record with. (Kells, I promise to let you borrow next time I see you!)

Also! A few weeks ago I came across an item in my Google Reader about Brad Paisley, but at first I thought it was a picture of Chris Carrabba in a cowboy hat:

Apparently he's a country singer. But there is a resemblance, right?? Chris Carrabba:

I think it's the sideburns.


  1. I just got the new Dashboard. Good buy. Thanks for the tip.

  2. Totes Dashboard nerd-outs this weekend. SO much fun to listen to with drinkssss... it's be like our generation's "Piano Man"

  3. james - GEAH!!!

    john - im/text me about this weekend. where are you going to be? what are you doing here? haha dashboard listens!