Thursday, October 18, 2007

Careful what you say, it's turning me...

Cataloguing yesterday.

A few months ago, I suggested to my coworker Jeff that he listen to Muse and sent him Absolution and Black Holes and Revelations. Yesterday he goes, "Man, what is your favorite Muse song? It has to be Starlight, right?" HAHA Apparently, he's been getting lots of props at dinner parties and the like (he's a grown-up) when the song comes on. And he takes full credit, but thanks me at work.(For the record, "Time is Running Out" is my favorite Muse song)

Painted a second layer of Neptune Blue on my floor, and it looks exquisite. Seriously. After work today I'm picking up some floor paint sealant and finishing THAT. Yes!

Good talk with Steve re: philosophies & Buddhism. What? "Okay, so I guess I'll tell you this secret, but you have to PROMISE not to tell anyone--oh shit, I have to go play! Bye!" THANKS.

Erica and I partied it up at the Annex for The Photo Atlas! Joined by funsies and favorites - Jiscilla, Sarah, Cici, Jo, Sadaf, Tyler, Justin, Mike...and the stand-up comedy of Nick Snow. The Photo Atlas always puts on such a great show! It's one of those bands you can totally get into live before hearing any of their album. And today I obviously listened to No, Not Me, Never. on the way to work and wanted to dance on the subway platforms.

I simply cannot wait for November 8th. His show sounded like it was fantastic - so happy to see "Last Night" and NINE other new songs on it! Fun talks. So good, so happy, so happy happy happy...I'm still all smiles.

Apparently ska is back? I knew me & Erica's one-time-a-month skanking in a public forum would lead to some change. Revolucion!

In conclusion, I'd like to dedicate this portion of my post to KELLS. Cause she's "good peoples." (According to my dad.) And she'll probably be richer than all of my friends combined in five years, and that is the main reason she's my bestie.

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