Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Head full of tricks and treats.

Tonight, on October 31st, I am seeing Ryan Adams.
On Halloween.
With Kelly!

Things that may or may not happen:

He will play over an hour and a half - apparently last night in DC he played for two and a half hours. Um. Wow. I remind you, I'm seeing him in one of his hometowns, on Halloween, and the ticket to this show actually says "HALLOWEENHEAD" ...because he has a song called "Halloween Head" on his latest album. Me writing this has probably jinxed my chances.

I will dance around like a crazy and raise my arms up emphatically and scream out "Lucy!" in unison with Ryan if he and the Cardinals do "Shakedown on 9th Street." ...I actually already did that when I saw him last December, and that was in a seated concert hall. Kelly, I'm sure you'll be proud to be standing next to me this time.

I may squeal if Ryan plays any of the following (which I don't think he will...at all): "Monday Night," "Gonna Make You Love Me," "Touch, Feel, and Lose," "Gimme a Sign," "Wish You Were Here," or "So Alive." I love a LOT of his songs.

I will grab Kelly's hand and bite back tears if I hear "Dear Chicago." (Kelly, this is really a warning list for you, huh?)

I will wait anxiously for the moment in which to scream "guitar solo!!!!!!" during "Halloween Head."

Sing along to every song directly to Kelly. (JK! Kinda.)

Also, I'm not dressing up. Though I expect some ridiculousness out of Ryan. I mean, the last time I saw him was in December and he was wearing silver glitter moon boots (the picture above is from that show). Plus, his song is all about how he loves halloween. Have I not mentioned that yet?

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