Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Close your eyes and I'll kiss you.

Last night:

Finished painting the ceiling (worst.task.ever.) And painted the first coat of my floor! Neptune Blue. One more layer + sealant + one more of le Mint Majesty and I'll be done! Done! Done!

Becca & Erica got ready for trainwreck...obvs played "Party in Your Bedroom" while I painted (all night long..!).

Took care of Monster !

Stoked for his tour - the stage set-up looks amazing...and the setlist...the setlist! Gah. I wish I didn't have to wait til November 8th. ("It won't be long, yeah, yeah...")

I've been avoiding CMJ activities because of my second career as an interior painter, but tonight I'm going to break for The Photo Atlas @ The Annex. Need a little dancing in my life. If you're around, come! 10 pm!

Tomorrow = The Matches, The Glamour?

Good luck, good luck, good luck !

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