Monday, October 29, 2007

Total! Request! Live!

Okay, I know our faith in MTV has faltered. I'm sitting here watching this ridiculous show "Kaya" that just dropped the word "cutter" and this is after being duped into feeling sorry for Whitney on a clearly edited scene in "The Hills."

BUT! TRL still exists in all its glory (sans emaciated Carson Daly) and tomorrow Motion City Soundtrack will be up for votes! If you haven't watched the video for "This is for Real" - do so NOW! Above! Because it rules. Did you watch it?? How can you not vote for that video?

And tomorrow pretty pretty please start voting at 12:30 EST for MCS HERE!

And, ya know, keep voting. 'Cause it'd be pretty sweet to see even a teeny bit of something awesome like Motion City on a channel that makes me feel guilty for knowing the names Heidi and Spencer.

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