Sunday, March 4, 2007

Lazy Sunday.

Friday Photo Atlas show @ Pianos. They blow my mind live. Sarah, Jiscilla and I rocked the front of the crowd with our hips shaking and fists pumping. Ended the night at Revolver with Gurj's awesome dj'ing that included some of Erica's most guiltiest of guilty pleasures.

Saturday I finally got to sleep in. Bopped around the city with Jesse. AND OH YEAH IT WAS KELLY'S EFFIN BERFDAAAAAAY! Kelly, Pat and I sipped some of Matt Lauer's champagne at Kelly's and then headed out. We celebrated at Revolver with unicorns and cupcakes then afteraftered that shit up at the smell fest that is Cheap Shots. Akon was heard.

Eff tee dubs: Christy Decker for getting her flight changed from the Dominican Republic to make it for Kelly's birthday!

Slept in real late today. Always feels so good. Also to curl up and watch Scrubs for the afternoon...

Also: Kelly's "Dude Up" shirt is the best tee ever!

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