Thursday, March 15, 2007


Great day relaxing. Wasn't going to go out but then the two forces of Le Party got me motivated. Said forces, Erica and Jesse, won't let me quit.

Barcade. Creepy dude stalked Erica and I and then disappeared like a ghost. Did he really exist?

Sutra. They played like 10 Gwen/No Doubt songs. I knew I liked that place. Not enough to stay too long...

Taxi conversation home ended up taking us to Alligator Lounge. Party Forces played Buck Hunter while I ate about 2 and a half pizzas on my own. Seriously. Oops. Why wouldn't I?

Monty Are I performs tonight at sxsw. CHECK THEM OUT.

Evan & Emily visit tonight. Stoked. Weekend at home. Double stoked oreos.

I've been forced to listen to the Format. I'm admitting I'm into them. Gah.

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