Monday, May 21, 2007

Blinded by the light.

Last week fully exhausting. Met up with Jesse & Erica for fun mid-afternoon drinks. Came home to some more drink and Lost. Two bottles gone...oops. Couldn't even make it out the door...oops again. Oof again. Lucky to have that dude around to watch out for me.

Rachel & Rawan's birthday party at our apartment. Oh the glory of celebration with out of towners Sabrina and Felicia. Visit much too short.

Lazy Sunday curled in bed, exceedingly comfortable in the heat, falling to sweet dreams intermittently. Team effort on burritos for dinner. Yum. Beat Jesse & Erica in Sorry twice...reigning champion - fact.

Question: was the season finale of The Office mightier than a black bear?

Answer: "Wait, what was the question?"

I got lucky again...meaning, I fell asleep while that dude took care of my laundry. He was up until 530 am. Thank you, mister.

Thank you again and again and again.

This Monday was not too bad. But I'm already wishing for the weekend...

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