Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Free dress last night @ Ben Sherman store one year anniversary party. Hella score!

Elvis Costello night @ pmc. Happy Birthday roomie!

Bit of a sleepwalking incident last night. A few weeks ago I was found in Erica's bed spooning her. This would actually be quite normal if I wasn't also tugging on her hair.

Tonight - Elvis Costello @ Nokia.

Photos from the last few days: post-Stolen Tranz @ AK47 eats with my faves, the Cartel video for "Say Anything (Else)" @ Foot Locker while shopping with Jesse (ps I'm in the video), Alana & Dimitry @ Republic....unfortunately no photos of the Monty Are I (Montourage) party scene the other night. Very hush hush and on the q-t.

I lurve my friends.

Unbelievably happy & lucky.

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