Thursday, July 5, 2007


My thoughts:

Shia LeBoeuf is adorable.

Cheesy dialogue. But it's pretty much expected in a Michael Bay-directed summer blockbuster.

Also expected? Sweet action scenes with awesome special effects.

Megan Fox: eh.

The appearance of Josh Duhamel was particularly unneccessary. I'd rather see a random hot dude or a random kinda hot dude than Fergie's boyfriend. Actually, the role was so minor, they didn't need to pay any attention to the character at all. They didn't think Shia could handle the female viewership? False.

Again, Shia was adorable and funny - even if his lines were cringe-inducing.

And, yes, I went on the internet and looked up how old he is (just turned 21!) and how to spell his last name.

Yeah, so that's what I did on my fourth of July. A pic of Jiscilla bein all trainwrecky...ha! And another trainwreck in white pants...

And the real reason we all love Shia: he's desperately trying to be a Curbside member.

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