Sunday, August 5, 2007

LollerpaloozSKA !

Arrived at O'Hare late Thursday evening...find myself obsessed with the new Tegan&Sara.

The next morning I walked down Michigan Avenue taking in Chicago's architecture and shopping. Found ridiculously cute purple hoodie with gold zipper....I'm obsessed.

Found him after his meetings and took in the free swag. Headphones, haircuts, underwear, lube - makes total sense.

Dinner with Diaz and then a night worthy of the "trainwreck" label for myself. Hey, free redbull/vodkas @ the Hard Rock Blender party, what can I say? Oh hey, you're wearing a pink leopard print leotard and an Iron Maiden denim vest - I CAN HAS PICTURE WITH YOU?

Finally met Josh Terry. Just sayin! Also, Andrew M. is ridiculously nice.

Nobody can get Stacy in? Lemme take care of it. DONE.

P&A and all their emo glory. Oh, you remember me from your fashion show? Really?

Saturday, besides the hangover that would not end, woke up and checked out Sherwood and then found him.

Catering...Perry Farrell, Karen O, Jeff Tweedy....oh hai!

He got free stuff, signed guitars and the like.

His assignment: Spin magazine feature with Polaroids...I took some pics of him and all things Lollapalooza.

Motion City! So fun, as always. Got a great crowd!

While he signed away, I went to check out The Roots, Regina Spektor. Roots = always effin amazing. Regina = no band? Oof. Kinda boring.

Backstage before Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs....uh, Lance Armstrong apparently a fan? Very toned...although, what did I expect?

Aw, presents from Japan. He's the best. Dead serious. The. Best.

Soundcheck for the afterparty and free dinner @ China Grill. Table to the right: Amy Winehouse, Strung-Out Husband, and Perez Hilton. Got up to pee with Ciara, and Amy followed us in. Tried to pay close attention to noises coming from her stall. Can't confirm (nor deny!) the usual was going on.

Motion City played the Blender afterparty. After the show....hi Marky Ramone! (you know, from *that* band), P&A (too adorable, srsly). Another open bar night...and free tattoos. Jesse & Rick....two in the morning, drunk, and sharing a tat. HAHA. Picture to come.

Hangs with Maureen, so effin' awesome!!!

Much needed sleep.

Pack it up, swag, last of the polaroids, check out, margaritas with Diaz, Rick, and D! Crackin' me up.

Arrived at airport...oh, your flight's delayed 2 hours. THANKS. Everyone's still having fun and I could have been there. Instead, sitting at airport alone, wishing the weekend wouldn't end...wishing I didn't have to go to work tomorrow. Wishing I was still there with him.

Incredibly fun besides the ending.

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