Thursday, August 30, 2007

What's with today today?

Okay, so there is a lot I keep to myself. Thoughts, feelings, memories, etc. I simply don't share and will never share them because they're mine.

Maybe I'll write them down, tuck them away. Every once in a while something will have to be broken of its silence. Maybe it's something I'm willing to share because I trust someone. It's a good sign.

I'm a keeper of secrets. And these aren't all dark secrets. These are things I'd rather not clue everybody into, mainly because I enjoy knowing that I'm the only one. I assume everybody has their own trove of rare, delectable secrets.

And I stumble onto something that demonstrates I'm not the only one who had these thoughts. I'm not original and the only one. I should have stopped, but I just kept going. I did it mainly to break myself. To drill it in my head, and get past the fact that I'm not singular, a center. I'm much like everyone else, fortunately or unfortunately, that's the way we are. Much more similar to each other than different. And I think I'm the better for it. Maybe I won't be in my head too much anymore. Get over, get past, keep going.

Don't ask questions about this; I won't share.

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