Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The days go oh so slow.

Last night saw Cartel @ Irving Plaza (fanx Chris Black). Their shows are always fun, but the bro-down that happened in front of Erica and I was PRICELESS.

First: a dude was grinding up on his girlfriend during every song and his hip movements could put Shakira to shame. Except, you know, he was crushing her ass with his crotch.

Second: after Erica and I thought that was going to be the best moment of the audience-watching, a frat party fucking happened! Erica: "I forgot bros LOVE Cartel!" We watched two guys sing to each other and basically dry hump (faces red with drink, of course) and as we sat there and laughed, apparently one of their girls saw us and goes, "You think they're GAY! Well, they're NOT. THEY'RE HAVING FUN! And YOU'RE NOT!" Then she proceeded to jump on one of them and hump and make out and sing all at the same time. And the third man out flirted with both of them. And then tons more bros came and flipped OUT.

I'm glad they enjoy Cartel so much; I'm also glad we were standing right behind them to witness it.

Jeff brought the dance out at the afterparty, though I could only stay for a few songs. I do love Tuesday nights when I see nearly all my friends. Seriously, looking around a crowded bar and recognizing everybody? Sweet.

Adam graciously walked me to the subway so as not to be attacked by the miscreants surrounding pop punk bars, but we didn't get away unscathed as Gabe Saporta yelled out my name. He was totally scamming on my Harajuku Lovers jacket. I saw him at the LAMB fashion show a couple of years ago, which is how he remembered me...I think? Also, he took a polaroid of Adam, and then one of me and pocketed them. Sketchball.

Ran into Sarah, too, and she reminded me!

Tonight: Nightmare of You @ Bowery Ballroom!!! You should come. And buy their new EP. The song "Herbal Jazz Cigarette" = fucking awesome.

Also, Sarah's blog I Wanna Be Your Dog NYC is ADORABLE.

Tossed and turned in Brooklyn thinking of England. Finally slept and saw you there; almost felt real.


  1. wow i forgot how much a x 4 million better blogger you are than me.

    um, maybe because you can actually structure a sentence and i can not.

  2. maybe it's because i don't call christy our lord & savior...

  3. also: +2 blog points for linking to midtown and not cobra. LOLLLLER.

  4. i knew you'd appreciate that.

    midtown > cobra.