Sunday, October 7, 2007

I don't break easily.

We has paint. One wall of my room shall be "Mint Majesty." I am so excited to paint! Though it seems it will take a couple more days of building. However, the construction is beyond beautiful & amazing; I'm willing to wait it out.

Rock of Love reunion = so awkward! Can we please see Bret sans bandana??

Admitted: the new Dashboard Confessional is winning me over. Sigh. I was such a Dashboard geek in college, and now the pleasurable affliction is back (it skipped whatever the hell "Dusk & Summer" was). And, I'm conceding this in public, on my blog, to the seven or so people that read this: yes, I am a Dashboard fan. I love the roll of "Thick as Thieves," the odd feeling of comfort that comes with "These Bones," the oh-so-Carrabba sadness of "The Shade of Poison Trees," and the uncharacteristically deep vocals reeling me in during "The Rush." I'm pretty sure I love it already, but I'm still formulating my opinion.

Where the new Dashboard sends me floating, the new Foo Fighters pumps me up. It's a solid rock album, on par with most of their other albums, though nothing - nothing - can top The Colour and the Shape. Again, need more time with it. Also, I'm a little miffed I'm missing out on next weekend's after after, as the Foo Fighters will be the music...and I kind of admire Dave Grohl. However, whom I shall be with next Saturday trumps Dave Grohl. Dave who?

I'm excited for this week. Walls done, hopefully get the painting done, then Friday...him. And tomorrow he's back in the states. (!!!)


  1. Holy shit, new Dashboard? I had no idea! And hey, I kinda...kinda like Dusk and Summer. Sometimes. Oh I cant wait to go buy it tomorrow. You thought it was bad you are Dashboard fan? You have no idea.

    Thanks for keeping me up to date in the music world.


  2. All right, James (Sean's brother, from Maine, I assume?) - YOU have no idea. I was interviewed for a Boston Globe article on Dashboard in 2002. I went to six shows in one semester. I probably watched his MTV2 Unplugged five gazillion times. I went shopping for coats with Carrabba on Newbury after a show once. ...I am a ridiculously embarassing Dashboard fan. Post-college I kept it to myself, but now that he's playing five shows in New York in the span of two weeks...I'm ready to geek out.

  3. Yes, Sean's brother James. And I didnt mean to question your level of Fanness. I have no doubt that your fan related actions are far more outrageous (not in a bad way) then mine. Haha