Friday, October 5, 2007

Pen pal. E-pal?

Keith and I have been friends since we went to high school together in Fort Campbell, Kentucky. We only knew each other a year before I had to move away, but like most kids who grew up in the Army, we kept in touch. Keith and I have always had somewhat paralell lives, and I can't even try to explain what that means.

Also like most kids who grew up in the Army, Keith ended up in uniform as an infantry officer. He got in touch last week a couple of days before he was heading to Iraq for a 15-month deployment. I decided maybe I should make an effort at correspondence, and we decided to be pen-pals during his time abroad.

Only two e-mails have passed between us so far, and its already reinforcing my belief in how lucky I am. And it's not about combat and life-or-death situations (yet); it's about distance and the people. His (very) serious relationship has to survive fifteen straight months of separation, while I sometimes lament the mere weeks that pass without seeing Jesse.

But we also know that this is why we're so adaptable to these situations - it's how we grew up. A question we're also hesitantly pondering: do we seek these types of relationships out? We've separated from our best friends and loved ones over and over again since we were old enough to realize its brevity - but, have we grown so accustomed to it that it's more comfortable?

I have to answer absolutely not. It's not more comfortable at all. At least for me it comes down to the fact that something might be too good to give up on because of separation. They're not indefinite pockets of separation, they are defined and measurable in comparison to the bigger picture. Besides, in the end, the right people can overpower any distance.

I should wrap this up.

In conclusion, Keith will always be a beacon of perspective:


  1. I like this blog. And I agree with you. Josh has been gone for 6 months now...we have 9 months to go. And though, as an army brat, I knew full well what was going to be expected of me when I married him...I don't find that it has made living without him any easier. I just know that our relationship is worth living through this separation. And by surviving this time apart we will only be stronger.

    But everyones situation is different and every separation long or short is hard! So I hope the time away from your boyfriend goes by fast! take care!

    ~Amber (your reading buddy! ;)

  2. AMBER! You surely shall live through this separation; it's the way we are! I hope you're doing well - where are you even living now?

    You are a prime example of Army kids who stay in touch...! XO

  3. Hey there! I'm actually in WA state. I'm living on Ft. Lewis with my 2 dogs! I'm going to the Art Institute of Seattle so that keeps me busy while the hubby is away! And the puppies keep me company in the evenings! But only 13 weeks until I see Josh for R&R!! I'm sooo excited!

    Your life looks so glamorous in the big city! Are your parents still in VA?

    My mom just moved down to GA with my brother...hes gonna be a dad in Nov!! yeah his life is a little crazy!

    My dad just rejoined the army and moved to Saudi we are all spread out!

    But I love your blogs...I check them out every couple of days and see whats going on in your life! I'm about to go read some new ones you've posted since I last was on here!

    Take care!
    <3 Amber