Sunday, December 2, 2007

Adventure to the Island!

Jiscilla lives on Roosevelt Island. I've never been to Jiscilla's place. So we made a night of it! What a night. After the trek there, we (Kelly, Erica, Jskills) made nachos and settled in for preteen movies of our youth.

And that included vhs videos of Britney Spears. Because Jiscilla unearthed her vhs SHRINE to her. We watched four solid hours of the young, clean Spears. It was actually sad.

In other news, after drifting off during Spears' appearance on the Rosie show, we awoke to snow! Yay! That's Jiscilla's view of Queens.

Fun times.

Note the Done to Death totes Chris Black sent to Erica and I.

-- via hip do not want septuplets top


  1. rly? i thought you were anti torpedo belly? might wanna go back and rethink that (aka check your sig....i think the dagger might be rubbin off on you).

  2. HAHA JISCILLA! THANKS FOR CATCHING THAT! I decided to devote a minute from work to change that...YIKES!!