Friday, December 14, 2007

By all means, move at a galacial pace.

matt: do you know anne hathaway?
matt: you look just like her
matt: just watched devil wears prada
matt: whatever
jessica: Yeah I know who she is; you're not the first person to
tell me that after they saw that movie
jessica: So weird
jessica: Am I that pale?
matt: its ridic
matt: i think its the hair
jessica: Hm. Hers is prettier
matt: i only watched the first half hour or so
matt: i swear
matt: no no
matt: i was gonna say...
matt: youre like twins but you have more flavor
jessica: Hahahahaha
jessica: Cause I'm latina?
matt: i'd never heard of her before
matt: then i thought you made the bigtime
matt: video - today show - feature film
jessica: Fact. My middle name is Big Time. Big Time Parker.

[Random: I talked to Anne on the phone once in college three or four years ago. She was high at a party, I complimented her on a tv show she was on - "Get Real" - that was swiftly cancelled and, of course, I was the only one who watched it. RANDOM, right?]

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  1. Dude I just watched this on Saturday. And now that he mentions SLIGHTLY do remind me of Anne Hathaway